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Is salt the same as sodium?

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No, salt is not the same as sodium. Salt is sodium chloride, not just sodium by itself.

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Salt is the same thing as sodium chloride

Salt, table salt or sea salt is sodium chloride.

No. While chemically sodium nitrite is a salt, the salt you eat, table salt, is sodium chloride.

No they are not the same.... Sodium is the metallic element Na and sodium chlorite is a salt of sodium, NaClO2.

salt is sodium. its 2 different words for the same thing

yes, common table salt is sodium chloride.

Sodium chloride is not alum salt.

Sodium is the same as salt, and it shows sodium under the nutrition facts on the back.

No,salt is a compound of sodium and chlorine. Sodium bicarbonate is a compound of hydrogen carbon oxygen and sodium. It also is used to reduce acidity where as salt kills bacteria.

The sodium content is equivalent because the compound is the same - sodium chloride (NaCl).

Yes, if you think to sodium chloride.

They are both sodium chloride.

The common name for Sodium Chloride is table salt. But salt and Sodium are not the same thing. There is no real "common" name for Sodium itself, but I assume you mean Sodium Chloride.

Both are sodium chloride, NaCl.

No. Salt is a compound Sodium chloride Potassium is an element

Yes, the chemical compound is the same - sodium chloride.

The sodium content is equivalent because the compound is the same - sodium chloride (NaCl).

They are the same thing. sodium chloride is the chemical name for the substance commonly called salt.

Chemically they are both sodium chloride although some curing salts are a mixture of sodium nitrate and sodium chloride.

It is the same compound - sodium chloride - with the same taste.

Yes - sodium chloride, NaCl.

They are not. Glucose is a form of sugar, while salt is sodium chloride.

Rock salt. It is the same as table salt, or NaCl.

Yes, chemically they are sodium chloride (NaCl).

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