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Both are sodium chloride, NaCl.

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Is coarse salt sea salt?

Many brands of coarse salt are sea salt. However, other salts can be coarsely ground, as well.

When pickling can you replace coarse salt with sea salt?

yes itshould be fine because they are virtualy the same.

What is the difference between sea salt and coarse salt?

Sea salt is produced by evaporating sea-water, the other might or might not.

Is maldon sea salt the same as kosher salt?

Not exactly, but for many purposes it's close enough. Kosher salt is salt that has large coarse grains, and no additives.

Is coarse salt the same as rock salt?

Coarse salt, table salt, fine salt, rock salt - all are sodium chloride, NaCl.

Can you bake bread with coarse sea salt?

You can bake bread with coarse sea salt. However, the crystals are large and may taste too strongly in the bread after it is baked.

Is kosher salt the same as canning salt?

No, they're not the same but you can use kosher salt (coarse granule) salt in a pinch.

What are some examples for gourmet salt?

Some examples of gourmet salt include smoked sea salts, coarse salt, finishing salt, flake salt, Fleur de Sel, French sea salts, grinder salt, and grey salt.

Is kosher salt the same as pickling salt?

Picking salt is a very fine grain salt. Salt that is labeled 'kosher salt' is a coarse grain salt. Both salts have the same molecular structure.

How does a dead sea salt scrub compare to other spa treatments?

Dead Sea Salt Scrubs rank on the top of the list in salt scrubs due to its coarse texture. Dead Sea Salt is excellent for exfoliating, hydrating, and nourishing the skin.

Is coarse sea salt as potent as kosher salt?

I believe to be Kosher means foods, which apparently include spices, are blessed by a Rabbi, and have nothing to do with how coarse something is, However, the simple answer I believe is yes.

Can you substitute sea salt for salt in baking?

Yes, but the measurement may be different. If it is "fine-grain" sea salt, then you can measure it the same as ordinary granular salt. If it is flaky or coarse-textured salt, like kosher salt, you may need to use more, if you are measuring by volume (3/4 tsp rather than 1/2 tsp., for instance).

Is coarse salt exactly the same as pretzel salt?

Yes, it is. You can also use Kosher salt, but it's not typically used on pretzels.

Which salt is used for margaritas?

A coarse grained salt, either sea salt or kosher salt is used, though they also sell Margarita Salt which is a corse grained salt and is probably one of those two.

Is sea salt more dense then table salt?

Sea salt and table salt are made of the same chemical compound. They have the same density. Sea salt is slightly less refined than table salt and may contained more minerals.

What is dietary difference of sea and kosher salt?

Kosher salt is the same as table salt. Sea salt has far less sodium.

What is crushed salt?

It is salt with a coarse granulation.

What is the difference in salt and sea salt?

Sea salt, rock salt, table salt - all are the same chemical compound - sodium chloride, NaCl.

What is the difference between pade lon a type of salt and saindhav lon another type of salt?

padelon is pink and saindhavlon is white but more coarse than regular sea salt.

Is kosher salt good for you?

Kosher salt is basically regular salt because salt is kosher. Salt isn't good for you if you eat too much.Answer:Chemically speaking, table salt and coarse (kosher) salt are the same.

Which salt is the strongest sea salt or table salt?

table salt Any difference; table salt, rock salt, sea salt are the same chemical compound - sodium chloride, NaCl.

When do you use coarse in a sentence?

Example sentence(s) - The salt is coarse ground. She has long, coarse hair.

Is salt and sodium chloride the same thing?

Salt, table salt or sea salt is sodium chloride.

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