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as far as i know the 4.3 is a v6 which is actually based off of the 5.7. gm just cut 2 cylindars off if there is a difference it will be the heat range on the plugs

for your info, the Chevy 4.3 ltr in a 94-96 caprice is a 265 v-8, do some research before giving info on engines you know nothing about. oh and by the way, the power rating in a stock 4.3 v8 is higher than a stock 5.0 and also the correct answer is NO, the spark plugs are no different than the 305 or the 350.

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What is the setting for spark plug gap for a 1991 chev caprice?

what is the setting of the spark plug gap for a 1991 chev caprice .035

What is the torque for spark plugs on a chev 350?

20 ft lbs

How do you change the spark plugs on a 2008 Chevy Cobalt ls?

how do you change spark in a chev 2008 cobalt

How do you put spark plugs wires on 1998 Chevrolet SUV in order?

looking for diagram how to put spark plugs in the right fireing order on a 1998 chev SUV 5.7 engin on distrubitor in order

What are the torq specs of a 366 Chevy engine?

1974 c65 chev. w/ 366 , need spark plugs

What is spark plug gap for 1991 350 chev?

The 1991 350 cubic and Chevrolet engine spark plug gap is .027. Most spark plugs will come pre-gapped from the manufacturer.

Distributor function 92 chev van 350motor?

A distributor sends electric (from ignition coil) to the spark plugs via the spark plug wires, which in turn fire the engine.

1983 chev 350 Where is the temperature sensor?

It is screewed into the driver's side head between the first two spark plugs up front.

Where can you find a caprice or box chev in SC or NC?

goto eBay and do a search for Caprice - you will normally find a caprice for sale in your neck of the woods

Why is Chev 305 backfiring on acceleration?

Check/replace the spark plugs and wires. If you're not going to replace the plugs make sure the gap is correct (should be either .040 or .060) and make sure the plugs are clean of oil or gas. If it still backfires after you replace the plugs/wires check the distributor and the timing.

Can any 22 inch universal rim fit a 91 chev caprice?

yup. on a 1991, the biggest size u can get are 24x8. i have them on my 1991 caprice

Your 1993 chev corsica has no spark you have changed the wired coils plugs what else would it be?

I had the same problem, replaced coil packs,wires. Its the crank sensor, it controls the spark to the packs. Its about 20 plus dollars. Its easy to replace. Greg

What parts are needed for a 4.3l chev tune up?

You didn't mention what year but in most cases you will want to replace the spark plugs, air filter and fuel filter for a minor tune up. For a major tune up you would replace the spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap, distributor rotor, PCV valve, air filter and fuel filter.

Why doesn't the digital speedo in chev caprice not woek?

speed cluster only works sometimes

Why wont power locks horn and radio work on Chev caprice?

Start by checking the fuse.

What is Spark plug gap for 1994 chev silverado?


What is the spark plug gap for a 2.2 2000 chev cavalier?


What is the spark plug gap for 1996 chev Tahoe 350?


How many welsh plug does a 350 chev have?

If your asking about FREEZE OUT PLUGS then it has 8 of them.

The key code for a 1988 Chevy Caprice classic?

your chev dealer can get key code for you by using the VIN number

What is the spark plug gap on 2008 chev silverado six cylinder?

0.060 in.

Remove and replace power window motor 92 chev caprice?

cannot get motor to line back up. when I do it jams

2007 Chev Cobalt just quit run?

Probably missing fuel or spark. If it has spark I'd suspect the fuel pump.

What is the proper spark plug gap for a 93 chev 5.7L 350 van?

The Spark Plug Gap.035 (In thousandths of an inch)

What is the spark plug gap setting for 1979 Chev 350 K20 pickup?