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Are the terms off-price and discounting interchangeable?

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Are the terms off-price and discounting interchangeable? Explain.

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Can the terms data and information be use interchangeable?

Yes, Data and Information are interchangeable terms.

Is the web and internet interchangeable terms?

False. Web and internet are not interchangeable terms. Web is a portion from the World Wide Web. But according to Discovering the Internet they are interchangeable. It just depends on how much knowledge you have about the two.

Is to barter to trade?

The terms are interchangeable, yes.

Does UK depend on British?

No. They're both interchangeable terms.

Atomic bomb or nuclear?

either, the terms are effectively interchangeable.

What is the difference in a sociopath and a psychopath?

For some people, these two terms are interchangeable.

How do you say understand in Spanish?

To understand is either "comprender" or "entender". The terms are interchangeable.

Abstract art vs non-representational?

They are basically interchangeable terms.

How do you explain discounting of accounting policies?

Explain discounting of accounting policies

Can you discounting a lc non transferable?

Discounting is a term used for the actual drawing/negotiation that takes place under an Lc (Letter of Credit). The credit conform (accepted) documents/draft are due for deferred payment and the presentor does not want to wait for its funds till maturity date. Whether the LC is transferable or not is of no importance here. The LC itself should be 'discountable' (it is safer to have this in special instructions of the LC terms). The discounting then depends on the parties concerned, and the price for discounting (discounting rate/Libor/Airbor+spread) and the willingness of the bank that should discount. Discount can be performed with or without recourse.

Difference between blank space and white space?

In computer programming, these two terms are interchangeable.

Is the abominable snowman an albino sasquatch?

An abominable snowman is essentially a Sasquatch. I believe the terms are interchangeable.

Is a pigeon a dove?

Often, yes. The terms are somewhat interchangeable, unless one is talking about a specific species.

Is infrared light the same as infrared Radiation?

Yes. The word light and the word electromagnetic radiation are interchangeable terms.

Can you replace a Chrysler 2.7 with a 3.3?

No, they are not interchangeable.No, they are not interchangeable.

What is victim discounting?

you from Edison NJ

What is the difference between graphics and images?

interchangeable terms in the computer world. They could be: jpg, bmp, gif (animated graphic).

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