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depends on engine, mounting, body, ecm, and about a million other things, but possibily

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Q: Are the transmissions in a 1989 Chevy Beretta and a 1992 Chevy Beretta interchangable?
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Will a 2.8 engine from a 1988 Chevy beretta fit a 1989 Chevy blazer?

Yes it will, but you have to put all the blazer engine stuff onto the beretta engine...

What tools to used to unlock door of 1989 Chevy Beretta?

The key.

Where can you get a fuse layout diagram for a 1989 Chevy Beretta?

In an owners manual from MOTORLIT.COM

How do you replace a pin in the door on a 1989?

i need help on how to replace the pin in my 1989 Chevy beretta gt please help me

What Automatic Transmissions were used in 1989 Chevy Suburbans?

Turbo Hydra-Matic 700.

Does the hydraulic clutch pump brake a lot on the 1989 Chevy Beretta?

Does the Hydraulic clutch pump brakes alot on 1989 chevy berette gtu 2.8liter 6cyclinder 5speed

What is the firing order for a 1989 Chevy Beretta 2.8L V6?

146325 out of haynes repair manual

Where are all the fuses located on 1989 Chevy beretta? thats all i can say...

Where can I buy a door hinge pin kit for my 1989 Chevy Beretta GT?

I would try Rock Auto.

Will a 1983 Chevy c10 transmission fit a 1989 Chevy caprice?

It will fit but you will have to get a shorter driveshaft. The truck transmissions are longer then a passenger car transmission.

What type of transmission does a 1989 Chevy beretta have?

If it is a 3 speed automatic it is TH125/TH125C/3T40 If it is a Manual it is a Getrag F23

How do you change the headlight switch on a 1989 Chevy Beretta?

just pop out the switch or use a screwdriver to pop it out unplug the connecters and do the reverse to install it.

Can a person switch a 700r4 out of a pontaic firebird in to a 1989 Chevy pick up if so what has to be changed?

NO. The car and truck transmissions are a different length.

Can a 1993 transmission go into a 1989 Chevy silverado 4x4 v-8?

Yes, if it's a 4x4 V8 transmission. 4x2 transmissions have different housings and V6 transmissions can be too weak to handle the torque.

Where do you find the engine coil packs for a 1989 Chevy Beretta 2.8L motor?

They can be one of two places. Either at the top rear of the engine, or at the front, also on top.

How do you drop an oil pan on an 1989 Chevy Beretta GT?

Drain oil first, then remove the bolts that hold it up you will need a 10MM and mm Socket with extentions...

Where is the radiator fan relay located on a 1989 Chevy Beretta?

underneath some plastic cowling close to the fire wall there will be the fuel pump fan ignition and other realys.

What is Code 43 ESC on a 1989 Chevy Beretta and would that be the reason the car is not running?

thats your knock sensor ESC is Electronic Spark Control which governs timing.

Why would all the lights stop working on a 1989 Chevy beretta?


1989 Chevrolet beretta transmission oil?


How do you adjust the tension when replacing the alternator on a 1989 Chevy beretta?

you need to get a tool referred to as a "syrpentene belt wrench" you can rent them from most auto zones, or pick one up for about 25 bucks.

What types of transmissions are in the 1989 Chevrolet sports van?


What size fuse do you use in 1989 Beretta fule pump?


Will the tail end from a 1989 Chevy Four Wheel Drive transmission fit correctly on a 1994 Two Wheel Drive Chevy Transmission?

NO. The 2-wheel drive transmissions have a SHORTER CENTER SHAFT in them because there is no transfur case that goes on them. The 4-wheel drive transmissions have a LONGER center shaft that sticks out further because it has to go into the transfur case. You can take both transmissions apart and switch the center shafts and then it will work. It's NOT about the tail end of the transmission.

What other transmissions fit on a 1989 Ford Mustang 5.0?

What all ford manual transmissions fit on a 89 mustang 5.0 gt

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