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The nouns 'knight', 'pirate', and 'gladiator' are all common nouns, general words types of people.

A common noun is a general word for any person, place, or thing.

A common noun is capitalized only when it's the first word in a sentence.

The noun 'Viking' is a proper noun, the name of a specific group of historic, Scandinavian people.

A proper noun is the name or title of a specific person, place, or thing.

A proper noun is always capitalized.


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Barbarian,Monk,Thief,Dancer,Saint,Ninja,Gladiator,Pirate,Sage,Assassin,Knight,Samurai,and Sword Master.

a pirate because a pirate has guns like the blunderbuss that could go through the knights armor

technicly yes one of the knight of cygnus is a pirate. the class is called Thunder Breaker. they use the same weapons and armors as a pirate

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One such word is X marks the spot.This is commonly heard of in pirate related films and literature.

obviously a knight because they have more superior armor and weapons the pirates would be slaughed because they have very rubbish armor and the knights are more trained

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Believe it or not... the name of it was.. The UnicornIts both funny but also weird for a pirate ship name..

Pirate ship boats were commonly made out of oak wood. Other types of wood that they would also use include cypress, mahogany, and yellow pine.

Viking Samurai Spartan Ninja Pirate Knight Apache Centurion The game is scheduled to be released on June 18th 2010

who was the governor who was ex-pirate

Blackbeard became a pirate in 1702 and he became a pirate by sneaking on a pirate ship

The pirate code was a set of rules that a pirate had to follow.

it is the same in english. pirate in french is pirate!

The English pirate Edward Teach, commonly known as Blackbeard the Pirate, was the Captain of the pirate vessel Queen Anne's Revenge. The ship was originally a British frigate named the Concord, and ran as a slave ship. She was captured by pirate Captain Benjamin Hornigold, and given to Blackbeard, who at the time was one of his men.Blackbeard ran the ship aground in Beaufort Inlet, Carteret County, North Carolina, in November 1996. The shipwreck's artifacts continue to be recovered to this day.

to become a pirate you have to talk to a pirate near the sea and talk to him and click on become a pirate.

He was not a pirate for the British but was a pirate for the Spanish.

Laffite the Pirate was a good pirate, who sailed near Louisiana.

Sword + Sailor = PirateHuman + Boat = SailorHope this helped.To make a pirate ship just do this -Pirate + Boat = Pirate Ship

Red-beard is a pirate.

There is not a pirate puffle!

There are many movies that have a pirate theme. Some are the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Pirate Treasures, and Pirate Warrior.

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