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This is a good question. Controversial because it depends on the Aikidoka. It does not matter if it is Ki Aikido, Aikikai, Yoshinkan and so forth. Aikido is Aikido. We all learn the same techniques, they may vary just slightly, but its still Aiki.

For your question, I think I will let you answer it for yourself. Im going to talk about a few things here for you to visualize. Ikkyo or Ikkajo Omote or Ichi from Shomen strike. You don't let Uke hit you, and the technique will not work if Uke fully develops his technique, you have to meet Uke at least half way to preform the technique. You almost have to move at the exact same time as your attacker. Thus people ask, who is attacking who ?

As for Jiyuwaza or Randori as some schools do. Lets break this down. Lets just say that you are familiar with wrist grabs and chest grabs. whats the difference? Think about it. The only difference is if you let them actually grab you. So I treat the attack as the same. It does not matter if they are trying to grab your wrist or your chest, You can treat the attack as the same. Shomen and Yokomen are very similar as well. The angle is slightly different however you can almost treat them as exactly the same.

So realize that there is a difference, if you just stand there and you let Uke fully develop a wrist grab, now its a full on wrist grab and you can no longer treat it as a chest grab. You are limiting yourself as to what you can do. You need to control the attack. That's the bottom line. You asked just a simple question however the answer is not a yes or no.

Timing in Aikido is important, I meet the attacker, I don't let him meet me. I am defending myself because you want to cause a conflict, but I will attack in the sense that I am defending myself. I wont just stand there and let you grab me.

Hope this helps.

There is also "atemi", a strike used by the defender (nage or tori) to distract uke in order to perform or complete a throw. I think that a defender using atemi would be considered to be attacking uke.

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Q: Are ther any offensive moves in ki aikido?
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