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First of all if it is an sl1 it is not a Dual overhead cam It is a single overhead cam Either engine only has 1 t-stat

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Q: Are there 2 thermostats on a 93 Saturn SL1 Dual Overhead Cam?
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Does the 92' Saturn SL have a dual overhead cam?

yes it does

Does dual overhead cam mean there are 2 thermostats on a vehicle?

No. ***Dual ohc means there are 2 camshafts on the vehicle also meaning more valves

Does a 1999 Honda civic ex have a single overhead cam or a dual overhead cam?

all the civcs have a single overhead cam motor(sohc) the civic si is the only one with a dual overhead cam motor

What size motor is in the 1997 SC2 Saturn?

1.9L Dual overhead cam 16 valve 125 hp

How do you find out if you own an SL1 or an SL2 for a 2002 Saturn?

The SL series came equiped with either a single overhead cam or a dual overhead cam engine. If yours has the single overhead cam, it's the SL1. If yours has the dual overhead cam, it's the SL2. Open the hood, look at the engine and see what's on the rocker cover; if it says DOHC or "Twin Cam", you are the proud owner of a SL2.

Where is the dual overhead cam located on a 2002 ford escort zx2?

Where is the dual overhead cam located or the air temp charge sensor?

Does a Saturn SL have a 6 cylinder engine?

A Saturn SL -- and every S-series Saturn -- has a 1.9 liter 4 cylinder engine. The SC2, SL2, and SW2 have a DOHC (dual overhead cam) engine; the SC1, SL, SL1, and SW1 have a SOHC (single overhead cam) engine.

Is a split port engine a single overhead cam or a dual overhead cam?

Its a single cam.. it says " 2.0 Split Cam on the cover of the engine... A dual cam would say " 16V Zetec" on the engine cover.

Is the 1996 aerostar 3.0 single or dual cam?

It has a single cam. But the question is confusing. Usually it is asked if it is a single or dual overhead cam when it is overhead head cam. Your engine is a pushrod, which was only offered in single cam

What does Ford Focus dohc or sohc mean?

SOHC--Single OverHead Cam DOHC -- Dual OverHead Cam

Can a single overhead cam be changed to a dual overhead cam in a 2002 ford focus?

If you change the whole engine.

How do you change the rocker arm on a 2001 Saturn l series?

The rocker arms are small devices that press the valves open. Typically, "lifters" ride on the camshaft and press a push rod. The push rod presses against the rocker arm and the rocker arm opens the valve.However, overhead cam engines do NOT have rocker arms.Saturn engines come in three basic varieties:The 4 cylinder single overhead cam engine (note the fact that it has an "overhead cam".The 4 cylinder dual overhead cam engine.The 6 cylinder dual overhead cam engine.None of which use rocker arms.

Does a 1996 Chevy cavalier have dual overhead cams?

The Z24 has a 2.4 L engine that is a Dual Overhead Cam engine. The other models have the 2.2 L engine that is Single Overhead Cam engine.

What is a exhaust cam?

Exhaust cam, is the cam that control valve timing on a DOHC, (DUAL OVERHEAD CAM) motor.

Can you replace a dual overhead cam engine in a 1999 Saturn SL2 with a single overhead cam engine made for the same car?

Yes you can but you will have to swap out the wiring harness and the on board computer as well. Otherwise it just won`t start.

What tis the part number for a 91geo prism exhaust manifold?

Single overhead cam 94856515 Dual overhead cam 94845263

Where is the cam shaft located at on 1999 Saturn 1.9 engine?

The Saturn 4 cylinder engines were available in 2 styles, the single overhead cam and the dual overhead cam. In both engine types, the camshafts were always in the head, just under the top cover of the engine. If you remove the top cover (where you install the sparkplugs) you will see the camshaft(s).

Does Nissan maxima 1993 has cam belt or cam chain?

if its a single overhead cam it has a belt and if its dual it has a chain

What is the difference between a 1990 and 1991 Nissan 240sx engine?

1990 is ka24e, single overhead cam, 1991 is ka24de, dual overhead cam.

How do tell whether your Mercury Sable or Ford Taurus is dual overhead cam or not?

The Mercury Sable and the Ford Taurus will have DOC in printed on the engine if they are dual overhead cam engines. The symbol should be on the top of the engine.

How do you tell if your 2001 crown Victoria P71 has dual overhead cams?

No Ford Crown Victoria or Police intercaptor has dual overhead cams. The dual overhead cam engines were only used in Mustangs and Lincoln MK8's.

Is 1998 Ford Escort DOHC or SOHC?

If it's a zx2 it's a dual overhead cam. It it's an LX SPI it's a single overhead cam.

Ford 1996 1.9 liter come as single overhead cam and as dual over head cam?


How can you find out if your car is dual overhead cam?

look at the top of the engine you will see the cover is very wide for a twin cam also it is usually maked on the cover DOHC which means double overhead cam

Is the ford z tech motor dual or single overhead cam?

it is a dohc engine.