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No. ***Dual ohc means there are 2 camshafts on the vehicle also meaning more valves

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Q: Does dual overhead cam mean there are 2 thermostats on a vehicle?
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What does Ford Focus dohc or sohc mean?

SOHC--Single OverHead Cam DOHC -- Dual OverHead Cam

What does SIR DOHC mean?

Si R is the Japanese made CRX body, which is rare. DOHC is dual overhead cam. In regards to Honda's.

How do you tell if you have a dual cam or overhead cam?

Do you mean Dual Overhead Cam and Overhead Valve. Overhead Valve has the camshaft positioned just above the Crankshaft in the block of the engine and uses Pushrods to actuate the valves. Overhead Cam(Single Camshaft) and Dual Overhead Cam(Twin Camshafts) have the Camshaft positioned in the head directly over the valves. As a rule of thumb OHV(Over Head Valve) engines have smaller and shorter heads while SOHC(Single Over Head Camshaft) and especially DOHC(Dual Over Head Camshaft) engines have much wider and taller heads to fit the camshafts and their accessories. Sometimes you can tell by spark plug positioning but this is not always accurate. Most OHV have the spark plugs on the sides of the heads with the distinct exception of HEMI heads. DOHC usually have the plugs in a North-South(Up-Down) arrangement.

What do the sun and snowflake mean on the Mitsubishi electric thermostats?

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What does sir dohc vtech mean in Honda manufacture?

SiR means "sport injection racing." DOHC means "dual overhead cam." VTEC means "variable valve timing and electronic lift control."

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