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of course there iz. just look around in the mall! scene kids r everywhere.

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What is the difference between scene and emo kids?

Scene is the if you like 'scientific' term for emo kids.

Is Emo-punk the same as scene?

The style is the same but the difference seems to be attitude...scene kids are all about the look, emo kids are all about the attitude. Emo chicks are pretty hot.

What is the difference between a scene girl and an emo girl?

Scene is just a fashion..scene kids are ppl who just look emo or punkish..some may call it 'emo try-hard'..emo is also a fashion but is also a genre and the deep stuff like self harming..scene kids dont do that.

Are metro station scene kids?

No. But they are a emo band.

How did scene kids come to be?

Scene kid's to me are kind of like emo kids but they don't cut their wrists. They wear pretty much the same clothing, jewlery, make-up ect. Music may differ from scene and emo. Scene kids are the best.

What are scene necklaces?

Necklaces for scene kids. Scene kids/teens are very colorful and fun and are in the category of emo, punk and goth

Do emo children like scene children?

"Emo" kids might like "scene" kids. But It's not vice versa. Real Scene Kids believe that emo is nothing but a cheap imitation of scene mixed with goth. The general thought of "scene" in society today, is that people just stereotype scene as emo. Which in fact pisses off the scene crowd. Due to some similarities they're easily confused. Most people in middle school/Freshman & sophomores are considered "emo". Due to they are not that old and most likely following the teeny bopper trends. So in conclusion, Emo's and scene's do not get along due to the fact that real scene people hate "emo's". The End. the person who wrote this is wrong^ everyone know that scen kids and emo kids always get along they hang out together, they may have their fueds somethimes but they in fact do get along.

Does Farnell or Webb middle school Which has more or any Emo kids?

Well farnell has more Emo kids and Webb has fewer Emo kids but Webb has like more scene-y and rocker-y type kids so yeah.

Is Juno mcguff emo or scene?

she isn't emo or scene.

Which is better emo or scene?


What is an emo-scene?

Emo is emotional rock. Scene is preppy sparkle dance music

Is scene hair emo?

noppe its NOT emo.

How much percent of kids get bullied for their clothing?

A lot of kids get bullied for their clothing. Preps and gangsters don't really get bullied but emo kids and scene kids get bullied a lot. People call emos and scene kids names and that is a form of bullying.

How can you prove that im scene emo?

trying to prove that you're scene/emo ia bait poserish. scene/emo is not just a title to go by, it's a lifestyle. also there is a huge difference between scene and emo.. scene kids tend to be more outgoing and kind to everyone they meet. they're about be creative and artistic, being yourself and being confident. also being concerned about global issues. they wear whatever they want and listen to what ever kind of music they want. emo well I don't even know what that's really about. emo kids tend to be more depressed. normally cutting was associated with emos but that's not true100%. they dress in black and that's it I guess that's about it.

What do you think of the emo and scene fashions?

Okay. Emo, isn't real. It is not a fashion. Scene on the other hand is. Emo is a term for EMO-tional. So yeah... Emo has to do with feelings and Scene is a highly populated fashion for teen's and young adults. Scene is based on music also. Emo is nothing moe than pathetic people trying to be scene while wear black to make them goth. So in conclusion Emo is truley not a fashion. - The End

Is scene like emo?

i dont get it... what do you mean scene?

Is brokencyde scene?

yes brokencyde are not emo they are scene

Will emos and scenes ever be enemies? the moment people are all like 'argh emo kid' and all like 'argh scene kid'..although a lot of people choose to go scene and emo kids can get real pissed off by this..cuz to some ppl 'scene' is like fake emo..but we never know..just have to wait and find out..

Can emo be a phase?

yes, i was emo and now im scene, most ppl who leave being emo become scene like me XxXxXxXxX conversechickXxXxXxXxX

Are there emo kids in Kalispell Mt?

Yes, there are many emo kids in Kalispell.

Is zacky blackheart emo or scene?

she is scene all the way

Difference between emo and scene?

emo is the whole package scene is dressing like your emo

Is scene the same as emo?

Okay, Emo and scene are not the same thing. Scene comes from everywhere. The tight band shirts from the "punks" The emo haircut witch still doesn't mean that we are emo. And the skinny jeans from the hipsters. But most important scenes are happy we have a wild imagination from the 80's. And we love neon colors and black don't be a judge. SCENE AND EMO R SO DIFFERENT!

Were do emo kids shop?

Emo kids meaning kids that aren't teenagers? A lot of Emo people shot at places like Hot Topc or Spencers, or online.

Is being emo related to anorexia and suicide?

Not at all. What you consider "emo" is actually just scene or scene kids. Emo is a sub-genre of music that has long died out and has been bastardized by the mainstream media to anything that is a man who is feminine by wearing tight pants, eye liner, and sings about his girlfriend (or boyfriend) breaking up with him. /rant