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Are there anorexic boys?

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Unfortunately Yes

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How many boys in the UK are anorexic?

Good question. I watched a documentary on BBC America and they have a special program for anorexic boys.

Where are pictures of anorexic boys?

there are none

Can boys be anorexic?

Yes yes they can

Why do boys become anorexic?

Boys and girls tend to become anorexic for generally the same reasons, are though there are far more girls who are anorexic than there are boys (girls:boys = 9:1). Usually it has to do with social pressures and a desire for one's body to look a certain way.

What percent of girls are anorexic?

the percent of girls that are anorexic is 90% the other 10% are boys (i know this for a fact)

Do boys only like anorexic girls?

probably yes

Do boys like girls that are anorexic?

sometimes -- not usually. People who are anorexic do not like themselves, and if even you don't like yourself, it's hard for other people to like you. Anorexia is a mental disorder that is treatable, so an anorexic person can learn how to like themselves and have good relationships with boys and other girls.

How many girls out of 100 are anorexic?

The actual statistic is 1 out of every 250 people are anorexic (90% are girls, 10% are boys). So, that is the equivalent to 0.4 out of every 100.

What is the difference between an anorexic girl and boy?

There is no difference between an anorexic girl and boy. Anorexia is more commonly associated with girls. However, it is increasingly becoming common for boys to suffer it as well.

Is Rihanna anorexic?

No she is not anorexic

Is Lindsay Lohan anorexic?

yes she is anorexic

What is an anorexic?

An anorexic is a person who suffers from anorexia.

How did Mary Kate get so thin?

she is anorexic. she is anorexic.

Is Emma Watson anorexic?

Of course she isn't anorexic...

How do sims become anorexic?

They can't become anorexic.

Do you lose weight faster being anorexic or bullimic?


How can you be a good anorexic?

That can't really be possible. You have to not be anorexic anymore.

Is there more anorexic women than anorexic men?


Is Taylor Swift anorexic in 2014?

No, Taylor Swift is not anorexic

Is Angela Bettis anorexic?

No,Angie is not anorexic although she played an anorexic teen in Girl,Interrupted which is what spawned rumours that she might be

Is there a book on how to become anorexic?

There are not any books available that tell you how to become anorexic, but there are guides on the internet that can tell you how to become anorexic.

Is Selena anorexic?

No, shes just a petite person, shes not anorexic

How do you make anorexic sims on sims 2?

You can not make a Sim anorexic.

What percent of british people are anorexic?

1 in every 250 people are anorexic. So that is 0.4% or so.Roughly 1 in every 250 people are anorexic, or have an eating disorder with anorexic-like properties.

How do you look anorexic in clothes but be healthy?

You don't. Being anorexic is not healthy, and one can not look anorexic without being anorexic, or having some other health problem. Even a lot of exercise will not actually make you look anorexic, unless you're body starts autocannibalizing itself.