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None that are listed. Most likely you have a strike doubled coin -- not worth much. Check out the following web page to learn the differences between the different kinds of doubling :

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What is the value of a 1952s Lincoln penny?

About a nickel, unless it's uncirculated. In that case it's worth about $1.15

If you had two pennies that doubled every minute how many pennies would you have after 30 minutes?

2,147,483,648 pennies

What is the value of an uncirculated 1943-P steel penny with a clearly doubled date?

According to my "book", there was no double dies that year. The only error was some pennies that year were struck on bronze instead of steel. My advice would be for you to find a dealer and have them check the authenticity of the coin.

What is the past tense of doubled?

Doubled is already the past tense form of double.

How much are double struck pennies worth?

Answer on the back witch is tails its perpendiculreCould you provide a more complete description? There are many types of double striking* - die doubling, inverted double striking, etc. (*) Note that coins are normally said to be struck, not stamped.

When each of the two charges is doubled the force between them also doubled?

No. The force will double when ONE of the charges is doubled. If you double both, you have two "doublings", so naturally the force will increase by a factor of 4.

How would the circumference of a circle change if you doubled its diameter?

When you double the diameter, the circumference is also doubled.

When a speed is doubled does its momentum double?


How many double die 1955 pennies were made?

No one knows how many were struck it's a error coin caused by hub doubling.

If you have one penny and you doubled it for 365 days how much money would you have?

Assuming you did not add the pennies, but merely doubled the amount, on the 365th day, you would have 2364 pennies = about 3.76 x 10107 dollars, which is an implausibly large sum of money. The gross domestic product of the entire Earth is only about 80 to 90 x 1012 dollars. 10107 is trillions of times the total number of electrons in the universe. If you kept each group of pennies as you doubled, you would have (2365 - 1) pennies, or almost exactly twice as much money.

When mass of object is doubled then potential energy will be?

When mass of object is doubled, then the potential energy will also double.

If your allowance was a penny doubled every day how many days would it take you to reach 1000.00?

On the eleventh day you would have 1,024 pennies, but if you save up all your pennies, you will have 1,023 pennies after being paid on the tenth day

Are all ingredients doubled when you double a recipe?


What is the past tense of double?

The past tense is doubled.

What is doubled in eukaryote cells?

DNA double strand

What would happen if you doubled the force acting on a moving object?

If you doubled the force on a moving object you would double its acceleration.

What is the Formula for a penny doubled for 30 days?

The value in dollars will be $0.01 x 229 The number of pennies you will have is 229

What three double letter states are in Mississippi?

Mississippi has three sets of doubled letters, two double s pairs, and one double p pair. Tennessee also has three pairs of doubled letters in its name.

How many cabin pennies were made in 2009?

2009 Lincoln Birthplace [Cabin ] pennies struck: Philadelphia mint struck ...........284,400,000 Denver mint struck ...................350,400,000 Total number struck................. 634,800,000 Proof coins are not included in these numbers

Is an outline double spaced?

yes always doubled spaced

What if you doubled one ingredient in a cookie recipe?

you double the ingredients

What is the doubled number of 10?

If u double ten, you get twenty

What happens to the volume of a cylinder when the height is double?

The volume is doubled.

What does a number doubled mean?

Multiply it by two. So to double 5 you would do 5*2 (5x2). Then 5 would be doubled.

What is the value of a 1957 S double-struck penny?

A closer examination needs to be made of this penny because San Fransisco did not mint any pennies in 1957.

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