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What does Lady Gaga get when she's ill? Fever

What's lady gaga favourite food? Dirty ice cream

What does lady gaga say when she's confused? Eh eh

What's lady gaga scared of? Monster

What happens to lady gaga when she is happy? Speechless

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What are good Lady Gaga jokes?

Many "good" Lady Gaga jokes are too inappropriate to be listed here. However, here are some suitably appropriate ones: How do you get Lady Gaga's attention? Poke her face. Why is Lady Gaga so sad? Because she had a bad romance. How do you entertain Lady Gaga? ...Just dance. Where does Lady Gaga keep her outfits? In the fridge.

Did Lady Gaga have her baby?

No lady gaga has to children what so ever

Did any of Lady Gagas kids die?

Lady Gaga has never had any kids, so none of them have died.

Is Lady Gaga tall?

Lady Gaga is 6'5" so yes, she is very tall!

Why did lady gaga kill people?

Well, she did not kill any people. So there is no why.

Is Lady Gaga hot?

lady gaga is so so so so so hot It is all a matter of opinion I think she is sexy.

Why does Lady Gaga prefer gaga?

Lady Gaga got her name "Gaga" from a song by Queen called "Radio Gaga" and she does not really know how it became "Lady Gaga". So she prefers Gaga because it was the original. Also because shes wild and fun and gaga means crazy so naturaly she chose it.

Is Lady Gaga from America?

Lady Gaga was born in New York in Yonkers, so she is from America.

What is the meaning of Lady Gaga?

She is a lady, and was inspired by the Queen song "Radio Gaga". So there you go...

Who is more famous Lady Gaga or Tom Cruise?

tom cruise is older in the business but every one knows lady gaga so lady gaga

Why do they call her Lady Gaga?

They call her Lady Gaga because She performed with her friend LADY starlight,and they called her GAGA and one of her radio people that discovered her called her GAGA because she was young and babys say GAGA!and he accidently meant to say Gaga But began to say Lady starlight and continued gaga so LAdy gaga became her name.

Where did Lady Gaga com from?

well lady gaga i9s really from Italy so she is Italian so she comes from Italy .

Will Justin Bieber do a duet with Lady Gaga?

no lady gaga is to awesome and Justin is so freakin stupid

Is Lady Gaga into girls?

Lady Gaga is bisexual, so yes, she does like girls along with boys.

Is moshi monster freemason?

Well lady gaga is a freemason and lady go go is lady gaga but just a baby lady gaga and it gives one eye so yeah it is freemason.

Does Lady Gaga like the name Anthony?

I am not lady gaga so i do not know, but ANTHONY is an ok name so she MIGHT. MAYBE.

Do Lady Gaga autographs sell good?

lady gaga is so awesome so I think her autographs sell really good.

How do you get baby gaga?

I dont think there is a 'Baby Gaga' but there is a 'Lady Gaga. ' so yea. Sorry!!

Why did Lady Gaga change her name?

Lady Gaga is her stage name taken from the Queen song "Radio Gaga".Lady gaga changed her name, because lady gaga is her stage name. When she was little she liked being a lady, and then gaga was another word for crazy. So that is how she got her name.because she is a weird child and felt like it :)

Who does Lady Gaga admire?

lady gaga admires someone called Madonna she has said so several times

Is Lady Gaga a devil worshipper?

No Lady Gaga is Roman Catholic, she said so on the Howard Stern Show.

The Lady Gaga go to gail?

I know Lady GaGa did not go to jail.I never heard anything on the situation, but ive leaned about Lady GaGa for years and i have never heard anything on her going to jail so the answer is no Lady GaGa did not go to jail.

What are the top 10 best songs right now?

1.so happy i could die by lady gaga 2.pokerface by lady gaga 3.bad romance by lady gaga 4.love game by lady gaga' 5.paper gansta by lady gaga 6.goodbye by kristina debarge

Will Lady Gaga and Shakira make a song together?

well they are two different people. lady gaga dosent really like shakira.. lady gaga thinks that shakira is so buff.

Who is better Lady Gaga or Cheryl Cole?

to be honest i think they are both amzing singers but lady gaga is kind of loopy. so i prefer cheryl! IMPROVED ANSWER: I think Lady Gaga is better. This is because Cheryl Cole is in the news a lot for all the wrong things at the minute and Lady Gaga is not. Lady Gaga is a Brit Award winner as well so that means she must be better.

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