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Are there any Nintendo DS Codebreaker codes for Pokemon Diamond that allow you to catch any Pokemon you want and if there is where can you find them?

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Yes, but u must have a Pokemon pearl game shark and a wild Pokemon modifier. I have no idea on the modifier though.

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Pokemon diamond how do you catch Arecus with a glitch?

You cannot get an ARECUS by performing a glitch or cheating. You have to attend a special Nintendo event that'll allow you to download it. I may recommend Pokesav (a downloadable program to get Pokemon).

What are the insenses on Pokemon Diamond?

They allow you to get some baby Pokemon if held by a certain Pokemon about to be bred.

How many of a particular Pokemon are allowed in a Pokemon deck?

In the sinnoh dex of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, they allow 150 Pokemon, and in the sinnoh dex of Pokemon Platinum, they allow 210, but in the national dex they allow 493 Pokemon

Where is the beginning dimension in Pokemon Diamond?

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl starts in the Sinnoh region and doesn't allow the player to move to other regions. It is considered the fourth generation of Pokemon.

Where to print 3ds Pokemon ar cards?

At the nintendo website they allow you to download and print.

How do you trade Pokemon between Game Boy Advanced and DS?

you cant sadly nintendo didnt allow it

When is the next Pokemon Diamond Nintendo event in 2010?

The next Pokémon Diamond event in 2010 will take place at Gamestop stores in the U.S. from January 30 until February 14. This event will allow you to download a special Pikachu-Colored Pichu otherwise known as a Shiny Pichu into your Diamond, Pearl and/or Platinum games.

Is there a Pokemon evet in the UK?

There have been several past Pokemon events in the UK: - Aurora Ticket giveaway (used to reach Buirth Island, where Deoxys is) at Vue cinemas in October - November 2005 (for Pokemon Fire Red & Leaf Green) - Mew giveaway at Toys R Us in August 2007 (for Pokemon Emerald) - Darkrai giveaway at Woolworths stores in August 2008 (for Pokemon Diamond & Pearl) - Riolu, Manaphy, and Darkrai missions for Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia available for download over Nintendo WiFi in November 2008 - February 2009 (allow you to transfer a Riolu or Manaphy to Pokemon Diamond or Pearl) - Darkrai mission for Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia available for download over Nintendo WiFi in December 2008 - January 2009 (allows you to transfer a Darkrai to Pokemon Diamond or Pearl) - Shaymin mission for Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia available for download over Nintendo WiFi in March 2009 (does NOT allow you to obtain a Shaymin) - Shaymin giveaway at GAME stores in April 2009 (for Pokemon Diamond & Pearl) There are also 2 more downloadable missions for Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, which feature Dialga and Palkia. As far as I know, these are still available for download over Nintendo WiFi. Like the Shaymin mission, you will not get a Dialga or Palkia if you complete these missions; they are just missions which feature these Pokemon. So far, there have been no announcement of any future UK events.

In pokemon diamond does the ar code for shiny egg allow the pokemon to always stay shiny after it hatches?

Use the shiny Pokemon cheat code. That keeps the Pokemon that hatches shiny.

Is there a cheat to get the gracidea flowers in Pokemon diamond?

I don't approve of cheating in Pokemon games but my little brother uses an Action Replay to allow him to catch anyPokemon.

Is there a code for diamond to catch level 120 Pokemon?

There is no such code for that. The game can only allow you to have Pokemon up to level 100. No Pokemon over level 100 exists.

Why wont the Pokemon you traded in Pokemon Diamond obey your commands?

Badges allow Pokemon obey to a certain level. Once you get all badges, any traded Pokemon will obey at any level.

Which is better Pokemon Pearl or platinum?

i reckon PLatinum. it has all the new features but doesnt allow some Pokemon to appear in the wild that do in Diamond/ pearl. but platinum also has even rarer Pokemon that don't appear in pearl/diamond. I have all three. YAY

For Pokemon Battle Revolution is Pokemon pearl diamond or platinum needed?

It isn't required to have a Diamond/Pearl/Platinum version to play the game, but they would allow more options when choosing a team to set on the Battle Pass.

What do you hit to make your Pokemon follow you on Pokemon Pearl version?

There isn't anything to hit. On Pokemon Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum won't allow you to have a Pokemon follow you. It is only in Soul Silver and Heart Gold

Can you connect your Game Boy to your Nintendo 64?

No but theres is a N64 transfer pak that will allow you to play Pokemon Red blue and yellow version while playing Pokemon stadium.

How do you get in the abandon inn in Pokemon Diamond?

The inn's sole purpose is to allow the player to receive the event pokémon Darkrai. Other than attending the official Nintendo event to receive the mystery gift, you can use a cheat device such as Action Replay to give you the Membership/Member's Card, which should open the door and allow you to capture Darkrai.

Is there any ar codes for Pokemon diamond to allow legendaries to battle at battle tower?

Nope. They didn't make any.

How do you get Darkai on Pokemon Diamond?

At a Nintendo Event you will get a Membership Card. This will allow you to go into the Harbour Inn in Canalave City. There, a man will insist that you have a reservation, and after falling into a deep sleep, you will be on Newmoon Island. You will not be able to leave until Darkrai is captured or defeated. Also, Darkrai will be at level 40

Can Pokemon Crystal play on the Nintendo DS Game Boy slot?

Only if it is a Nintendo DS. Pokemon Crystal won't work on the DS Lite. No it cant, the NDS can only play NDS and GBA games, the processor does not allow it to run GB or GBC games. Sorry.

What is the Pokemon diamond code that allow you to always encounter shiny Pokemon?

The shiny code {press L+R+select}12068ac6 000046c0Makes Pokemon in your box, wild, trainers etc. shiny

How does the badges actually work in Pokemon Diamond?

allow traded Pokemon at higher levels to obey you and boost certain stats of Pokemon. Or they can be cleaned until they sparkle 4 times, and you can play them like a zilaphone.

Are Pokemon files legal?

if you ilegally download it, like a torrent or a zip file usually is promoted by nintendo. but the thing is.. how will they catch you unless you allow them to search your computer and they figure out that your pokemon isnt legal...

How do you walk thur walls on Pokemon diamond?

You buy this device called the Action Replay and it has imputed game codes which will allow you to cheat.

Can you get to the Kanto region on Pokemon pearl?

No, Kanto is not available in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum. The only games that allow players to arrive in Kanto from a different region are Pokemon Silver, Gold, Crystal, SoulSilver, and HeartGold.