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There are quite a few companies that will insure a person and not require money upfront. It depends upon your credit rating and your license record.

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Q: Are there any auto insurance companies that do not immediately require a down payment in order to put the policy into force?
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Where could one get car insurance with a low down payment?

Car insurance companies do not require full payment upon acceptance. They do however ask for a down payment. If you go through a 3rd party you maybe able to get car insurance without a down payment.

What insurance companies require gutters?

prostitutional facilities

Do all life insurance companies require that you take a physical in order to get a policy?

No, not all insurance companies require that you take a physical in order to get a policy. One such example is GEICO and Allstate.

What are the functions of insurance companies?

The function of insurance companies is to pay out if you are in an accident or require reimbursement after such as an accident caused by yourself or another person.

Can insurance companies call on receipts submitted in a claim?

Not sure what you are asking but insurance companies have the legal right do require proof of spending for claim settlement.

If you have a permit do all insurance companies require you to be added to your parents policy?


Which life insurance companies do not require a pysical as one of their terms?

Allstate does not require a pysical as one of their terms

Can illegal immigrants get health insurance?

You can get health insurance if you can find a company to provide it. Most companies do not require proof of citizenship in order to buy insurance.

Where can I find malpractice insurance companies?

To find malpractice insurance companies, you can start with your own insurance agent or other local insurance agents. While they may not offer the insurance you require, they will be able to point you in the right direction. You can also try for help in obtaining malpractice insurance.

What is hazard insurance for a mortgage?

Hazard insurance protects a homeowner against the costs of damage from fire, vandalism, smoke and other causes. When you take out a mortgage, the lender will require you to take out hazard insurance to protect their investment; many lenders will incorporate the insurance payment into your monthly mortgage payment.

Why is it beneficial to get a doctor's referral for a mammogram?

Some insurance policies require a doctor's prescription to ensure payment.

Can I get maternity insurance alone?

Most insurance companies require full insurance coverage and not just for pregnancy. However, there are websites that assist if insurance is a financial burden.

Do you have to have a beneficiary on you health insurance?

Some Companies require one But it is not a law

Does the state of Indiana require insurance companies to replace cracked windshields free of charge?


Will insurance companies require a referral in order to cover visits to a chiropractor?

Each insurance plan is different. Some insurance companies pay a percentage of the cost of a chiropractor on a yearly deductible is reached and others offer no coverage.

Why do insurance companies require so much documentation?

There are a tremendous number of people who attempt to defraud insurance companies; it is a constant problem. Documentation is intended to ensure that claims are honest and legitimate.

Can an insurance company back date a home owners policy?

Homeowners insurance companies will generally offer insurance effective immediately at the time of the quote if you have the down payment, your home does not require an inspection, and if it otherwise meets the underwriting guidelines of the company. The policy is usually effective at 12:01 am the day the policy is bound. The insurance company will not backdate coverage to a prior date because doing so effectively makes it potentially liable for covered losses that may have occurred before the inception date of coverage, and for which it has not collected a premium.

What are Dividends that are used to purchase more fully paidup life insurance coverage?

Mutual insurance companies (companies owned by their policy holders) pay dividends. Some companies may allow you to elect to use the dividend to purchase a small amount (usually around 1-2K) of "paid-up" insurance instead of receiving a check. The paid-up insurance will never require another payment and (assuming it isn't "paid-up term ins.") will be in force for the rest of your life regardless of whether your original policy is in force.

Insurance requiring no physical exam?

Many life insurance companies do not require a physical exam. The cost of coverage from these companies is usually more expensive than the same coverage if a medical exam is taken.

Are there discounted rates for drivers over 50?

Insurance companies do offer discounted rates for drivers over the age of 50. Some insurance companies require you to take a driving course to receive this discount.

How do you become an insurance agent?

You can receive a bachelors degree in business and familiarize yourself with the insurance field. Many insurance companies like Statefarm also require and exam to become an insurance agent in their company.

Where can one find life insurance that does not need a medical?

Life insurance that does not require a medical examination can be purchased through many reputable insurance companies. These policies are known as Simplified Issue Policies, and do require the applicant to answer some medical history questions.

If I have private insurance should I also have medicare?

In general, private insurance companies require their clients to sign up for Medicare as soon as they become eligible.

Can you get liability insurance on your car if the insurance company totals it?

Normally yes. Some companies may require proof that you have repaired the car and it is road-worthy.

Can you insurance your car and register with other person?

It depends on your state and the company. Some states (NY specifically) require that the registered owner be listed as the insured or Second named insured on a policy. They must be listed on the bar-coded insurance cards in order to register the veh. Some insurance companies have specific underwriting guidelines that require that the owner be listed as the insured, while other companies may not require it.