Are there any bald ducks

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If you pluck the feathers off of one, you would get a bald duck, but you would also get a very ugly duck that can't stand swimming for extended periods of time, cannot fly and would need to spend nights indoors.

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Q: Are there any bald ducks
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Why did a bald eagle come into my yard at night and eat my duck?

It was hungry, and ducks are sometimes prey for bald eagles.

What the bald eagle eats?

Mostly fish, but will take other prey, such as ducks.

Where bald eagle lives?

The bald eagle is found around water for the most part, where they feed on fish and ducks. They are birds of North America.

Are bald eagles carnivores?

Yes, they are.Yes, Bald Eagles LOVE to fish, but when they don't fish, they eat rodents, snakes, carrion (dead animals), and ducks.

Are Bald eagle carnivores?

Yes, they are.Yes, Bald Eagles LOVE to fish, but when they don't fish, they eat rodents, snakes, carrion (dead animals), and ducks.

What type of diet does a bald eagle have?

Bald eagles eat, fish, rabbits, hares, musk rats, raccoons, deer fawn, ducks, gulls, dove, egrets etc.

What does bald mean?

"Bald" means "not sporting any hair".

Do bald eagle eat birds?

Sometimes, they take ducks and other waterfowl. Normally eat fish or carrion.

Does bald eagles have any predetors?

no, bald eagles are apex predators and dont have any predators

What are the bald eagle's food sources?

Bald eagles feed primarily on fish, which they pluck from the water. Also, they will rob ospreys of fish, and will take ducks and waterfowl, even scavenge dead animals.

Are there any bald eagles in Texas?

no there r no bald eagles in texas

When does the bald eagle eat?

Bald eagles eat mainly fish, in fact, that is usually 90% of their diet! But they also eat, ducks, wading birds, rodents, snakes, carrion, basically everything they can catch.

Why is bald eagles now threatened species?

Because keep on shooting them thinking that there ducks. Don't know why buy thats the answer.

Do bald eagles have webbed feet?

No they dont. Aquatic animals such as: ducks, beavers, otters have webbed feet. Eagles have "talons"

Will grackles attack ducks?

To save themselfs they attack on ducks if they feel any danger otherwise they definately not harm ducks......

Are there ducks on the moon?

No, there aren't any ducks on the moon because ducks can not breath in outerspace, because of the lack of oxygen.

Does the bald eagle live in Edmonton?

Yes, Usually found in the River valley hunting ducks/geese/waterfowl.

What other animals live in the bald eagles ecosystem?

Other animals can include fish, grizzly bears, ducks, rabbits, and snakes.

How do ducks adapt to the freshwater?

They really don't have too, ducks are fine in any water.

Is a bald eagle a herbivore a carnivore or omnivore?

Bald eagles are carnivores and they eat mostly fish. Dead or dying fish are a favorite food. Other foods include: ducks, snakes, turtles, muskrats, rabbits, frogs, fawns, mice, chickens, snails, other birds, vulture vomit, and any dead animals.

What do ducks get eaten by?

mostly ducks get eaten by foxes,dogs,cats,bald eagles,coyotes,and racoons but mostly it depends on what type u have. ducks like white pekins are most vounerable because they cant fly to get away ducks like muscovies who can fly are less likely to get eaten......we keep a top on top of our duck house so nothing can get in that would be a good suggestion so ur ducks don't get !eaten! A lot of ducks are eaten by HUMANS..........................

Do rabbits eat ducks?

No, rabbits are herbivores; they don't eat any animals, including ducks.

Are ducks terrestrial?

no, ducks are not aliens, they are related to the goose and any other normal bird ; D

What types of birds live around lakes?

Ducks, geese, swans, herons, terns, swallows, bald eagle, osprey, sandpiper, coots.

Do you have any ducks?

Yes, Indeed