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Yes there are because Joshua says so.

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What colours are turtles?

brown and greens

What color are sea turtles?

turtles are usually brown and green. but it depends on where their from and where they live .........

Are turtles green?

Some turtles may be green in appearance. However, there are also brown turtles and black turtles. There may also be a mixture of all colors.

What colors are water turtles?

there is no such thing as a water turtle there called sea turtles there green or brown usaly

How loggerhead turtles look like?

brown and black

What color are turtles usually?

Brown or green.The colour is a type of green mixed with a shade of brown.

What color is a sea turtle?

Sea turtles are green and a brown.

Why is There a brown spot on a turtles arm?

shows signs of babys

What color are snapping turtles?

snapping turturls are yeller brown black

Are turtles important?

yes turtles are important because they are part of our ecosystem. If there weren't any turtles then the animals that eat turtles would die!

Are any turtles asexual?


Are any turtles on the endangered list?

Turtles aren't endangered but Tortoises are endangered.

Do any sea turtles have claws?

Yes giant sea turtles have claws

What do leather back turtles look like?

green with brown leathery shell

What does a green sea turtle look like?

bright green with brown stripes

What is the name of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song?

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Music and lyrics are by DC Brown and Chuck Lorre.

What color is a turtle?

Turtles vary in color but, usually darker shades of green and brown with lighter spots. Heads and feet are brown.

Can you house turtles with salamanders and guppies?

Turtles with Salamanders Yes. Fish of any kind in with them NO!

Can turtles and goldfish live peacfully together?

no turtles will eat any fish they can catch

Are there turtles living in Antarctica?

No. There are no turtles or any other type of reptiles living in Antarctica.

Can turtles grow mustaches?

No. Turtles are incapable of growing any type of facial hair.

What are sea turtles shell colors?

A sea turtles shell can be brown, black,gray,yellow, and green. Thank me later Three hours later... Your welcome

What does mister splinter from ninja turtles wear?

Master Splinter wears brown robes

Are painted turtles reptiles?

Yes, any species of cephalopod (tortoises, turtles, terrapins) are reptiles.

Do aquatic turtles bite?

Any animal with a mouth will bite if it feels threatened. That includes turtles.

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