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No.. at least none you could afford. lloyds of London maybe.

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Can a medical insurance company drop you because of one non payment?

It would depend on the insurance company. Most insurance companies will reinstate your coverage once you are caught up on your premium payments. You would then just have a lapse in coverage for the month you missed.

What options are there for temporary car insurance in California?

You can get insurance on a 3 to 6 month policy at most insurance companies. Comparison shop for the best rates and coverage on auto insurance. You can also talk to your currant insurance provider for additional insurance.

Do any insurance companies have less than a 10 month waiting period for maternity coverage?

There are some insurance companies that offer a 9 month waiting period for short term disability insurance. You want to make sure to apply well in advance of your conception date anyway, just in case your pregnancy does not go full term.

Have colon cancer, getting chemo and employer dropped insurance coverage and COBRA is $700/month.?

“Have colon cancer, getting chemo and employer dropped insurance coverage and COBRA is $700/month.”

How long after you quit do you keep your insurance coverage?

Maybe a month or 2

Will insurance companies pay for damage that is your fault?

That depends on your policy and insurance company. I know if you have full coverage that they will pay for stuff like that, but it will make your insurance payments go up every month, and it might be cheaper to just pay for the damages.

What is the cost progressive renters insurance?

53 dollars a month for 20,000 coverage

Can someone buy health insurance for their dog or pet?

"Yes, there are many different insurance companies that provide health insurance for pets. They are pet specific. Purina offers a pet insurance for around $30 per month. If you shop around you can actually find it for around $7.95 per month."

How much would life insurance cost if it covered me for my whole life?

Depending on what company you go to, it will be different. Whole life insurance at MetLife will cost you $10/month female and $12/month male for a coverage of $2500. For a coverage of $20,000 it will be$70/month female and $80/month male.

Does njm insurance offer full coverage?

The NJM Insurance Group issues policies lasting one full year, compared with the six-month contracts issued by many other insurance companies. At the time that the policy begins, a bill for the premium for the full year of coverage is presented to the policyholder, who may pay the entire amount immediately.

What companies offers 12-month Auto insurance policies?

erie insurance

Does your insurance provide some form of truck towing?

This depends on what insurance company and what policy you have. Not all insurance companies include towing on their policy. Many times, you will have to pay for this service for an additional fee each month/year.

How can an Indian medical student get malpractise insurance in USA for doing clinical elective in US medical school?

Malpractice insurance is usually not provided by Indian insurance companies. US insurance companies do provide malpractice insurance, and they can be found on the internet. For a malpractice insurance of $1 million for one month, a premium of around $ 500 is reasonable. It takes around a month for the whole process of securing the insurance.For more information on clinical electives and malpractice insurance providers,

What is the Average cost for renters insurance per month?

Anywhere from 10 to 25 dollars a month. Depending on how much coverage you have.

In Florida what is the average price for renters insurance?

The cost for renters insurance in Florida starts at as little as $10 per month, but depends on the amount of coverage, the type of property you are renting and other factors. You can check with companies like for a quote.

MY 5 month daughter died can you use your life insurance to bury her because she has none?

That would depend on your insurance company and what coverage you have.

Which insurance companies offer 6 month policies?

AnswerMost insurance companies offer them. However, there is no real advantage to them over the 12 month policy as you are able to change insurance policies at any time during the 12 month policy period, if you find a better rate.

What is the average home insurance cost?

Premiums for home insurance varies widely from state to state. It depends on the amount of coverage. However, for basic coverage, the cost will start at about $75 per month.

How much will UMR or private health care systems cost you if you continue your coverage through cobra?

My quote to continue health care coverage was $715 per month, dental was $35 per month. How do they expect someone who has lost their job to afford this????? Sounds like a scam to me. Insurance companies are in it for one thing.... the money!!

Paid 11520 for six months insurance premium what will be the journal entry?

debit prepaid insurance 11520credit cash 11520Debit Insurance Expense 1,920 Debit Prepaid Expenses 9,600 Credit Cash 11,520 This assumes the payment is made in the first month of coverage. If the payment is made before the coverage begins, the entire amount would be posted to Prepaid Expenses. If the payment was made after the coverage began (for example, in the second month of coverage), you would post the remaining number of months times 1,920 to Prepaid and the balance to Insurance Expense.

How much does any insurance cost for people?

Way too broad a question. What kind of insurance? How old is the person? Where do they live? What kind of coverage do they want? Insurance of all kinds can vary widely, from a hundred dollars a year to huindreds of dollars a month. I recommend you this site where you can get quotes from different companies:

What kind of coverage is involved in term life insurance?

Term life insurance coverage varies from policy to policy. For example, a 5 year term life plan with State Farm would cost under 16 dollars a month for 50,000 dollars in coverage.

What insurance company I Florida has the best liability policy for only three month?

Progressive, State Farm, Geico and a lot of little insurance companies will provide you with what you need. You have to pay the first amount up front, then they usually bill you after that.

Does your child have medical coverage after he graduates from college?

If your child is covered under your insurance while in college, the coverage probably ends in the month that the child graduates. You can probably purchase Cobra coverage at a higher rate until the child buys his or her own coverage. You should check with your insurance agent (or the actual policy if you have it) to be sure of the ending date of your graduate's coverage.

What are the top 5 cheapest car insurance groups in California?

They are many insurance companies in the state of California. Some of these may include Farmers, Geico, AAA, Allstate, and Mercury. All have competitive prices. The best, however, is 4autoinsurancequote. They have basic coverage starting at $19/month.