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Of particular concern is the finding that people with multiple sclerosis have increased levels of the enzyme glutaminase (the enzyme that converts glutamine into glutamate) in areas of nerve fiber damage. High levels of glutamine in the diet would increase glutamate levels near these injured areas magnifying the damage. It has been shown that excitotoxicity plays a major role in multiple sclerosis by destroying the cells (oligodendrocytes) that produce myelin. Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

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Q: Are there any contraindications for someone with Multiple Sclerosis taking glutamine?
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It depends on the individual but I always keep an eye out for overheating. I would not suggest hot yoga and encouraging the client to drink (chug not sip) water.

Can you get cancer from Multiple Sclerosis?

No, if someone has both it's a coincidence.

Is multiple sclerosis catching?

No. MS cannot be passed by physical contact with someone that has it.

What neurological disorders could put someone in a wheel chair?

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How does the Valsalva maneuver help someone with multiple sclerosis?

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What are the contraindications to physical therapy treatment or exercise with someone who has multiple sclerosis?

One contraindication is warm water immersion (e.g. hot tub or extended hydrotherapy in a warm pool) or extensive hot packs - anything that may raise the patient's core temperature - as this will lead to extreme fatigue.

Does ms contagatious?

Multiple Sclerosis is contagious, however, not very, and no one knows the mechanism. You can share the house with someone that has it and not get it.

What are the contraindications for an AED?

If someone is conscious, or has a pacemaker

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Urinary retention can predispose someone with MS to urinary tract infection, including pyelonephritis.

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If someone is diagnosed with MS, it is best to start treatment right away. Injected medications are used as well as multiple oral tablets, and intravenous medicine.

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One can find symptoms of multiple sclerosis from webmd whom show numerous articles about the symptoms and treatments. An alternative to this could be MayoClinic.

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