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Hello. There is no medication that will get rid of PCOS. PCOS is a health problem, a sydrome and was once classified as a disease. Your gynocologist will give you medication to treat and control your PCOS.

2006-07-31 19:27:39
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Why do people take supplements instead of or along with prescription drugs?

People use supplements, like vitamins, minerals, and herbs, because the vitamins and minerals are needed by the body and herbs have substances in them that are useful in treating diseases. Of course, not all herbs are useful and not all are good for all diseases. People also use alternatives to prescription drugs because they usually have less side effects and less serious side effects than prescription drugs. Taking supplements along with prescription is a bit risky. Herbs can interfere the intended action of the drug or interact in other ways with drugs. Before taking a prescription drug with an herb, always talk to a medical professional.

What can harm a fetus?

Alcohol, drugs, vaccinations, lack of certain vitamins and minerals such as folic acid.

Are there any side effects to hyaluronic acid?

I've taken hyaluronic acid for four years for arthritic hands. (That's not what I started taking it for but that is the result.) I have had no side effects. I don't take any other drugs or supplements except a multi-vitamin with minerals.

What are the harmful effects that drugs alcohol tobacco anabolic steroids and dietary supplements have on the body?

they all shorten your life

Can taking extra vitamins hurt you?

Vitamins and minerals aren't dangerous unless you get too much of them. It would be hard to "overdose" on vitamins or minerals that you get from the foods you eat. But if you take supplements, you can easily take too much. This is even more of a risk if you take fat-soluble vitamins.Taking too much can also cause problems with some medical tests or get in the way of how some drugs work. It's very important to talk with your doctor before you take any vitamin and mineral pills, especially if you take prescription medicines, have any health problems or are

Why vitamins are not called drugs?

They are called drugs.

What are the side effects of drug HCQS?

There are no side effects from my experience. I am using it and found that after using the pains were reduced and all my reports are under control. You need to see your pharmacist for a complete listing of side effects or go to the website for the drug manufacturer of the drug. If you can't get your complete answer from your pharmacist or the manufacturer then call your doctor's office and get the information from your doctor. No one can predict what the side effects would be on you not knowing your condition or how much was prescibed or how your body will react to the drug. Sometimes drugs can interact with other drugs and you can get symptoms from drug interactions. So it is wise to tell your pharmacist what drugs, over the counter drugs, vitamins and herbal supplements you take.

How can medications be administered intravenously?

minerals like potassium and calcium, vitamins, or drugs can be added to the IV solution by injecting them into the bottle or bag with a needle.

What are the four threats to your health?

Drugs, lack of sleep, very low activity levels,unhealthy eating (lack of proper vitamins and minerals)

Can you take calcium and vitamin b complex together?

Yes, there is no harm in it. Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs do not have harmful interactions and side effects, as drugs do. The only way they interact, is by "helping each other out." For example, Vitamin D and Magnesium aid in the absorption and use of Calcium.

Are all pills drugs?

No some are vitamins or suppliments

What are the side effects of anti aging supplements for women?

When using anti aging drugs the Human growth hormone comes to mind. Although many drugs have side effects many people will over look this to try to get a benefit. Commonly anti aging drugs can cause insomnia, infertility, and deficiencies in other areas.

Drugs with opposing pharmacological effects?

drugs with opposing pharmacological effects

What are some good effects drugs have on your body?

what are the good effects of drugs

What kind of supplements are used by a bodybuilder?

Bodybuilders will often use legal supplements such as protein shakes and a large array of vitamins to increase their body mass in conjunction with a rigorous work our routine. Illegal supplements such as steroids and other performance enhancing drugs are also used, buy may rightfully disqualify a body builder from any competitions he or she may enter.

The important of minerals for economies?

by the minerals different drugs are prepared .

Can you take vitamins when you are preagent?

Not really you must take drugs before taking vitamins

Are all vitamins safe?

no, some are drugs

What are the Effects of using regulated drugs?

the effects of using regulated drugs is do not use:)

Can acupuncturists prescribe drugs?

No, an acupuncturist does not have the authority to prescribe. An acupuncturist, within their scope of practice, may recommend to a patient herbal or vitamin supplements which will support the health of the patient. The Wisconsin Attorney General has determined that vitamins, (and herbal supplements which act as vitamins) are a food supplement. As such, no prescription is needed for non prescription level doses. If you have a question regarding a supplement that is recommended to you, consult your physician regarding whether the supplement is appropriate for you in combination with any other prescription or over the counter drugs that you may be taking.

Define and distinguish between dietary supplements used as food and as drugs?

Define and distinguish between dietary supplements used as food and as drugs.Dietary Supplements Used in FoodA varied diet that conforms to the recommendations of MyPyramid or the Healthy Eating Pyramid is likely to provide most people with sufficient essential nutrients for good health. For those people, a nutritional dietary supplement is probably unnecessary, although some may want to take one as a form of "dietary insurance." However, in high doses, vitamins A, D, K, B3, and B6 may be toxic.Besides being intended to augment the nutritional quality of the diet, many dietary supplements are touted by manufacturers as preventatives or cures for ailments, stress, moods, and recreational drug use. A few supplements that act as drugs have been scientifically tested and found to be safe and effective for certain conditions.Dietary Supplements Used in DrugsCP

You take crestor 10mg per day for cholesterol reduction does bodybuilding supplements like animal pump plus amino fuel plus whey protein is harmful if combined with crestor?

As a pharmacist, I tell my patients to stay away from those "quack" bodybuilding supplements! Stick to good old vitamins and minerals - the whey protein is ok, but avoid all those "fuel" labels because they contain caffeine and thyroid-stimulating drugs which can ruin your metabolism for good. I have a patient now who has to take thyroid pills for the rest of his life because he burned his thyroid out taking bodybuilding drugs.

What drugs are helpful?

Drugs your doctor prescribes you is usually helpful. but all drugs (this includes vitamins and aspirin) can be misused and abused.

What is important about using biotin as a medicinal supplement?

Biotin works with all the B vitamins. Raw egg white prevents absorption. Sulfa drugs, estrogen, alcohol and anticonvulsant drugs all need biotin supplements. Long term use of antibiotics may prevent biotin synthesis.

Is it ok to take neurobion forte by a child?

This is not the appropriate forum in which to ask about using drugs or supplements to dose children. You must ask the child's doctor or your pharmacist.This is not the appropriate forum in which to ask about using drugs or supplements to dose children. You must ask the child's doctor or your pharmacist.This is not the appropriate forum in which to ask about using drugs or supplements to dose children. You must ask the child's doctor or your pharmacist.This is not the appropriate forum in which to ask about using drugs or supplements to dose children. You must ask the child's doctor or your pharmacist.