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I Have a Dream speech and his mountain top speech!


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he is famous because of his speeches

Martin Luther King was famous for his powerful speeches on segregation and his actions in the black rights movement.

No, he was only famous for making speeches

he was famous for reading books and writing famous speeches

The cast of The Speeches of Martin Luther King - 1995 includes: Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Jr. gave 350 speeches in his lifetime.

why was martin Luther king famous why was martin Luther king famous why was martin Luther king famous he was famous for making black people as important as white

Martin Luther King jr love giving speeches

martin Luther the king gave 2500 speeches At the statue of Abraham Lincoln in Washington

He has a very famous one. Have you heard 'I have a Dream'?

what was dr. martin luther king famous for?

Martin Luther King Jr gave speeches because he wanted to express his feelings for the rights that his government made.

Martin Luther King Jr gave speeches at many venues.

The "I have a Dream Speech" by Martin Luther King Jr. in 1963

how many speeches did martin luther king give

Martin Luther King was famous in history because he stand up for the black people's freedom. He was best known for a civil rights leader. He gave powerful speeches and one of his famous speech was I Have a Dream.

he gave 350 speeches in his lifetime

Martin Luther-King used metaphors in his speeches to make them more meaningful.

Martin Luther King Jr. speeches so important because they are about freedom and respect to other, like the African Americans

Well some of his famous speeches would be: "I Have A Dream"; "I've Been To The Mountaintop";"A Knock At Midnight";"Why I Am Opposed To War In Vietnam".

He is famous for his "I have a Dream" speech and it's pronunced Martin Luther King Jr. not Luther Martin.

Martin Luther King Jr's famous quote was: "I have a dream".

martin luther king was a famous legacy because of his i "i have a dream" speach

The most famous and important speech that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave in his life time was the "I Have a Dream Speech"In Washington D.C. during the March On Washington

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