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Yes, your best option is Seattle Free school. They offer free classes for many fields, including Photography.


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An online class for photography can be found here; IT's free, if you're looking for a higher class one, most colleges should offer it.

There are several free clinics in the Seattle metropolitan area:Mother Joseph Free Clinic (Swedish Hospital)Haller Lake Christian Health ClinicRotacare Free Clinic (Lake City, just north of Seattle)Country Doctors Free Teen Clinic

You can take free ESL classes online by signing up. It is a free, easy and safe way to get classes. When you register for the classes yo will be signed up.

Vision Quest Sport & Fitness is a gym in Seattle which offers kickboxing for women. It seems to offer a plethora of different classes as well with wonderful facilities and even a free trial pass!

Depending on the area you live in, you may have numerous free GED classes available. Some local school districts offer free GRE classes. If that is not available, look into free GED classes online such as Just be cautious to not fall into a scam.

You can check your local nursing homes, many times they offer free nurse aid classes. for the FREE PARENTING CLASSES IN HOUSTON TX AREA and in many areas its a n online parent class conducted by them .

Local recreation centers and places with message boards sometimes advertise free art classes and programs. Online, some local art teachers in the area may free classes on the side. Lastly, some colleges and universities offer free classes without credit, including art classes.

Art classes can be taken online or in campuses and photography institutions. There are also free art classes available online, just visit New York Film Academy offers art classes.

A great resource to get free classes online is at It teaches you all the basic knowledge you will need, all for no cost. You can also try classes at if your looking in better quality photographs and hands on projects.

check out this site

One photography school that is the best is The Art Institutes International Minnesota. There are probably not any free photography schools. Yes, you could get a job doing photography work.

I don't know of any free ones right now in the area but sometimes red cross has classes.

You can talk to the county vocational rehabilitation program. They will offer or know who is offering welding classes in the L.A. area.

This is really too difficult of a question to answer unless I know the area in which you are located. I would suggest going online and looking for classes that are in your area.

There are various places where you can find photography tutorials online. Silver Light provides free photography tutorials and an introduction to photography.

you can get the free GED classes at 1025 Sulphur spring road near Morristown. Here the school is a public type and also a magnet type.

Check with your local fire station or YMCA, they sometimes offer free CPR classes.

The site: has a complete listing of esl classes available in the Los Angeles area.

The area hospitals offer babysitting classes, but there might be age restrictions.

YouTube is the place to go first. There’s plenty of free videos and tutorials on there about photography, editing, and how to use a camera. So go there first and learn all you can from there.Then when you’re ready to advance a bit more, check out CreativeLive: Free Live Online Classes. CreativeLive is great if you want to go more in depth.They have whole classes about lighting, composition, posing models, and even about the business side of photography too.You can watch one class for free a day or you can pay and watch the whole series of courses on your chosen subject.

Depending on where you live, there are free cpr classes available everywhere. The website,, will show where you can receive free CPR training in the NYC area. The best place to find free CPR classes is through the local Red Cross or the local American Heart Association. Both agencies routinely offer free classes. Attendees can even obtain certification free of charge.

what if you dont live in that area what about rhode island

Typically CNA classes will run in between $300 and $600

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