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Of course not! Every single fruit & veggie has vitamins & minerals that diabetics need.

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What types of vitamins should diabetics have more of?

Eat more fresh fruits, more green veggies, whole grains, natural daries, and lean meats. Make green veggies the focal point, and biggest serving of, your meals.

Does juicing fresh fruits and vegetables flush out antidepressants?

No, but it does flush the juice from the fruits and veggies.

What is the best thing to feed your pet hamster?

fresh fruits and veggies

What are some ways of eating with diabetes?

Diabetics need to reduce sugar which means fewer desserts and candies unless they are sugar free. They generally will eat fresh fruits and veggies as well as meats and cheese.

When feeding guinea pigs fresh fruits and veggies should the fruit and veggies be room temperature?

no, they can be warm or cold.

Why do grocery store owner spray fresh fruits and veggies with water?

to keep them moist & fresh looking

What is a good with elastic demand at its current price?

Gas, fresh fruits and veggies, and cereal.

What do hermit crabs mainly eat?

Fresh fruits, veggies, unseasoned meat, nuts.

What does your hamster eat?

Fresh Veggies, Fruits, hamster food you can buy at the pet store

What do wild rabbits love to eat?

Fresh fruits and veggies, hay, greens, and plenty of water.

What do guinea pigs mainly eat?

They mainly eat guinea pig food or fresh fruits and veggies

What are some quick and easy after school snacks?

Fresh fruits and veggies! Just wash, slice, and serve. To make it even more appealing, serve the veggies with ranch and the fruits with peanut butter or honey. It's healthy and delicious.

What is the best way save on fresh foods, fruits & veggies?

The best way to get deals on fruits and vegetables is to watch your local circular. Many market offer deals on fruits and vegetables weekly.

What are the dietary needs of an iguana?

A fine tuned calcium to phospherous ratio, leafy fresh greens, fruits, veggies, fresh water, and UV rays.

What types of foods equal 3500 calories?

There is a few foods that equals to 3,500 calories. You can get foods that are fresh like veggies and fruits.

What to feed your rat?

Grains, seeds, cereals, biscuits, some nuts, fresh veggies (avoid potatoe, tomatoes & advocado) & fresh cfruits (avoid all citruc fruits).

Is salad good for your heart?

Made with fresh fruits or veggies, lean meats and low-fat salad dressing, salad is good for your heart.

What should you avoid if you have a food allergie?

Depends on what food allergies you have. The safest would be to eat raw food like fruits and veggies. You can have meats like chicken and steak plan with no seasoning except for maybe salt and pepper. If you stick to fresh fruits and veggies you should be fine.

What are the feed requirements for pigs?

Good pellets (not the "mix" that has seeds & stuff, that can choke them), UNLIMITED timothy hay, fresh veggies & a bit of fruit. There are tons of sites that give the list of veggies & fruits that are okay & the ones that are poisonous to pigs. Oh, and of course, fresh water always.

Can African grey parrots eat tomatoes?

yes. almost all pet parrots eat fresh fruits/veggies and tomatoes is definitely one of them.

How often do pigs eat in a day?

I keep pellets and alfalfa in my cages at all times, then feed them a variety of fresh fruits and veggies once a day.

Are salads heart healthy?

Yes, salads are heart-healthy if made with fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats and low-fat salad dressing.

What fresh veggies do hermit crab eat?

Hermit crabs eat lots of kinds of veggies (and fruits), like:Apples & applesauceCarrotsSpinachLettuce & watercress (no iceberg lettuce)GrapesBlueberriesStrawberriesBananas

What are low risk foods?

they are foods that usually won't cause sickness it includes many dry foods such as crackers and dried fruits and such.......unprocessed fresh fruits and veggies are also considered to be low risk foods

Why are fruits and veggies sprinkled with water at the supermarkets?

It's to keep the fruits/vegetables fresh so they don't decompose as fast. No one wants dry vegetables that have been sitting in the supermarket all day. Gross!