Are there any glands on the tongue?

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Where are your spit glands?

underneath your tongue

Where are the salivary glands?

The salivary glands are in your cheeks, under your tongue, and the floor of the mouth.

Does an alligator have a tongue?

Yes, they do. However, the salt glands on the tongue are non-functional.yes they do

Why does under your tongue squirt water?

It is because under your tongue there are salivary glands that "shoot" out saliva

What are the functions of a tongue depressor?

The functions of a tongue depressor is to keep the tongue down long enough to examine the throat area and glands

What salivary glands are located under the tongue with ducts that open in the floor of the mouth?

Submandibular and sublingual glands.

What are the sublingual glands?

big pairs of salivary glands.The sublingual glands are also in the floor of the mouth, but they are under the tongue.

What do you eat with?

We (humans) can eat with utensils our hands, our mouth (with our teeth, tongue, salivary glands, etc.) and any other way to get food into our bodies.

What is under the tongue and behind the jaw?

hyoid boneSalivary Glands!

Where does the secretion of enzymes take place?

In the salivary glands, beneath the tongue.

What do teeth tongue and salivary glands have in common?

They all help you eat.

How does the body make saliva?

there are glands under the tongue that leak sort of say. when the tongue moves the saliva is spread aroung.

What is tongue for?

The tongue is a strong muscle that rolls your food into an easy to swallow ball after the teeth chew and the salivary glands moisten.

When saliva shoots up from the floor of your mouth does the tongue secrete the saliva?

Saliva comes from three separate glands. They wet the food to make it easier to taste, chew, and swallow. One of the glands is under the tongue.

Why dogs hang their tongue s out and pant?

Dogs hang their tongue out because they don't have sweat glands and to regularize their body temperature they do this.

What is the ball of food gathered by the teeth tongue and salivary glands?

Its called a Bolus

What makes up the mouth?

tongue, teeth, lips, saliva glands, palate

Where are the intrinsic salivary glands located?

These glands are under the tongue, under the lower jaws and slightly around but mostly in front of each ear.

What part of the body will you find the salivary glands?

Answer : located under the jaw,under the tongue,and just anterior to the ears.There are three groups of salivary glands. The most important are the Parotid Glands which sit just in front of the ear. There are three salivary glands in the mouth region too. The Submandibular glands (one each side) sit beneath and beind the mandible. The Sublingual gland (only one) sits beneath the tongue.

What are the minor organs of the system?

Teeth, Tongue, Salivary glands, Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas

Names of internal parts of the body?

teet, tongue, mouth, saliavary glands, oesupagus,

What is the location of salivary glands?

it is located under the tongue and upper back sides of the mouth

What Is the bit under your tongue?

The bit under the tongue is called the sublingual gland. It is one of many glands in the mouth that provide saliva and aid in digestion.

Why does a spray of water come out of mouth when yawning?

The sublingual caruncle is found under your tongue (either side of the frenulum - the small folds going from your tongue and the cavity floor). This is where two salivary glands, the sublingual and submandibular glands, empty into the oral cavity. That is why saliva will sometimes spray out when you lift your tongue while yawning.

Muscle attached only at one end?

The tongue is the muscle that is only attached at one end. The surface of the tongue is covered with taste buds, and saliva is produced by the salivary glands to keep the tongue moist.