Smoking and Tobacco Use

Are there any good effects of smoking?

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Absolutely NO NO......

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What are the good effects of smoking?

zero good things can be said about smoking!

What effects you when smoking?

All bad effects you can imagine. What good effects you get when smoking? NONE.

Are there any health effects of smoking cigars?

There are no health benefits of smoking but it is ok to smoke fruit cigarettes.

Is smoking good for are bodys?

No, there are no positive effects from smoking tobacco.

Are their any effects from smoking or drinking while you have the IUD?

The effects of smoking and drinking are the same with and without hte IUD.

What affect does smoking have on people?

Smoking effects every part of your body. http://www.mydr.com.au/addictions/animation-effects-of-smoking?print=true This is a good sight, it tells you how smoking affects different parts of the body.

What does smoking do to the hair?

Smoking makes the hair smell nasty, apart from any medical effects.

What can you do about the side effects of smoking herbal weed?

Don't smoke it and there won't be any side effects

What is the effects of smoking catnip and potpourri?

Not sure but it probably isn't good.

Is smoking tea is good for health?

Smoking tea is bad for your health and it effects your lungs in my opinion you should stop emidently.

What are the side effects in smoking kush incense?

Good question, I'm about to find out.

Is it okay to smoke nutmeg?

Smoking nutmeg is not a good idea. Any potential desirable effects are not worth the risks. Its also worth noting that many people find the effects quite unpleasant.

What are the effects of smoking morphine?

hi does methadon has any effect on blood suger

What are bad effects of smoking?

Death (from over-smoking), bronchitis, lung cancer, emphysema, and the list of effects of smoking goes on and on.

What are causes of smoking?

the causes of smoking is someone smoking. the effects are what happens after.

What are 3 short term effects of smoking cigarettes?

what are 3 shout term effects for smoking

What is the best title about smoking?

Health effects on smoking

What are the side effects of smoking oxy?

in addition to the dangers that are inherent to abusing any opiate/opioid, smoking oxycodone can cause respiratory damage

What effects do drugs and alcohol and smoking and diet have on muscles?

effects of drugs,diet,,smoking,alcohol on the body

Does smoking marijuana have any negative effects?

It makes you slower in reflexes and thought, but only when high

What are the side effects of smoking sugar?

why would you be smoking sugar and i really dont know the side effects SORRY

What can you do about side effects from smoking herbal incence?

what can i do about side effects from smoking herbal incense that won't go away

Does smoking weed have the same affects as smoking tobacco?

Not the same effects, but the effects of weed are worse than tobacco.

How long Stop smoking before good sperm?

I stoped smoking and it didn't make any difference.

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