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Nexon has a few good 3d games.

Runes of Magic is another title that is pretty interesting. has many games that they review and put into a list, so choosing one that is right for you should be very simple.

Try Fiesta Online. It's free, and made by Outspark. Very fun, and also the download is fairly quick.

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Q: Are there any good free 3d mmorpgs?
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Are there any free 3d mmorpgs that dont require a download?

The only Free mmorpg i know of that is 3D and has no dowload required is

Are there any good 3d mmorpgs for mac?

nope. well... there are champions of regnum but a really good game is Guild Wars 2 but unfortunately it's not free.

Are there any free 3D mmorpgs with quests and professions?

try runescape its free but it a a pay to play with better benafits go to

Are there any free 3D mmorpgs where you can do anything?

yeah runescape its pretty fun Runescape is good if you have a not very good computer, but i recommend Allods it's free to play really good quality game and its the top free to play MMORPG of the year.

Are there any good and free 3d mmorpgs other than runescape?

sure! there always is! Runes of Magic and others! they are download though. if you dont want download im sorry but runescape is pretty much it. for 2d free games there is adventure quest worlds and a few others

What are some anime 3d mmorpgs?

Luna online is pretty fun.

Are there any good free 3d game makers?

well there is Nintendo 3DS games so Nintendo is the best 3D game maker! xD

Are their any MMORPGs like world of warcraft that are free to play and do not require a download and have 3D graphics?

Sorry - you've asked for the impossible; you either use a local media disc (DVD, CD, Floppies) or you have to download the software. If it's free, you are not about to get it on local media (someone has got to play for all the discs.) There are several online MMORPG you can download and play for free, Aeria comes to mind. You can purchase Guildwars at bestbuy or target for about $30.00 it is a good mmorpg that does not have a subscription fee it is 3D and is simialiar to WoW

Are there any free virtual worlds?

Try, its a free 3D virtual world! No download too! is also free and is a cool 3d virtual world, and no downloads. is kind of 3d is nice and 3d

Can you use any 3d glasses to watch any 3d movie?

Good question I'd like to know the answer.

Where can you find 3D glasses for the 3DS?

You don't need any! Just slide the 3D depth slider on the top screen and you get glasses free 3D!

Can you suggest any good 3D TV which I can afford easily?

In terms of affordability, you should go for the passive 3D TV. It also has many technical advantages like battery free 3D glasses which are less expensive and very comfortable for the eyes.

Are there any good 3d free simulation games?

Well if your talking about 3d animal simulation games theirs : *FeralHeart *WolfQuest *Ipreditor *Lif(its actually spelled that way,its on gamevial) Hope that helped!

Are there any good 3d avater games?

Are there any 3D wolf games?

Yes! Look up wolfquest and there is an awesome 3d game that you can download for free! XD

Are there any free virtual chating games? is great! Its a 3D no download free virtual world!!!

What are some good virus free virtual worlds? is great! Its a 3D no download free virtual world!!!

Where do you get free or cheap 3D TV contents?

Free or cheap 3D television content is available in any locations that offer free or cheap 2D content. Don't expect the quality to be great. After all, you get what you pay for.

Some good free 3d websites with no download?

weeworldwoozworldfantageand meez

What is a cool free 3d large 100 percent free on-line virtual world good for preteens?

Where can I download a free 3D CGI animation software?

Blender is a good free software. Also if you go to and click on student, you can get free softwares (student version, but still better than blender) such as 3D max or Maya.

Are there any free online 3d simulation games like sims 3?


How do you make a good 3D YouTube intro for free?

You can learn how to use a free 3D animation program like Blender. A simple intro with just text and a background should be fairly easy to create.

Are there any good 3d sonic fan games besides srb2?


What is A Good 3D RPG?

As far as MMORPGs go there is: World of Warcraft Runescape Guild Wars Final Fantasy XI For offline RPGs: any other Final Fantasy game is fantastic Oblivion Dragon Age Bioshock Fallout Neverwinter nights Borderlnds Mass Effect Any of these are great and fit a variety of tastes. im sure one of them will work for you.