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Are there any greek restaurants in Lima Peru?

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yes. There is one in Callao. It is near the Catedral Matriz del Callao about a block away near the ocean. It is on the third floor of the will see a greek flag.

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Which country border lima?

no country borders lima because lima is in the interior part of Peru rather than next to any of its edges

What is the flight time from Honolulu Hawaii to Lima Peru?

Lima, Peru is 5944 miles from Honolulu, HI. A flight between them, on average, takes 12 hours, 20 minutes, not including any layovers.

Do you know of any special things about Peru?

One very unique thing about Peru is that it has a statue dedicated to Winnie the Pooh in the capital, Lima.

Is Lima a state or country?

It is not any of those. It is a city. It is the capital city of Peru. It is also a province and region of Peru. And there are several cities and towns in the US with that name.

What is the distance between new york city ny to Lima Peru?

The shortest distance between them (from Kennedy Intl airport to Jorge Chavez Intl airport in Lima, Peru) is 3,629 miles or 5,840 km. Source: There you can calculate the distance between any two airports in the world. have fun !

What line of latitude passes through limaperu?

Lima Peru is centered at 12 03S, 77 03W. It's a pretty big city, so if you vary these coordinates by 5 minutes in any direction, you'd still be in Lima.

Does anyone have any idea of Francisco Pizarro's route to Peru on a map If so let me know?

In 1535 Francisco Pizarro, found Lima and made it Peru's Capital.

What kind of Flowers are common in Lima Peru?

In Lima, you can find just about any variety of flower that you can find elsewhere. There is a Peruvian Lily that is very popular. Also, there is one mercado de flores that has a very large selection of flower vendors and they present some amazing arrangements. If you don't live in Peru and want to buy flowers for someone there I recommend a nice website called

How much would a 1869 Republica Peruana Lima 9 Decimos Fino YB?

This is one of the beautiful coin from Peru and value is depends the demands. Any way not less than $ 200.

Was Peru in any wars?

Of course peru was in any wars so yes

How long is the flight from Toronto to lima Peru?

well, if your planing to go to Peru the cheapest way possible, the whole journey may take around 12 hours, this includes stops at any north American city for connections, or somewhere else in latin America. but if you are planing to go straight from Toronto, the flight is for sure a bit expensier( around 200 dollars more), but it will only take 8 hours to get to lima

Are there any restaurants in Kenya?

There are restaurants in every country.

Does salt kill lima beans?

No, there is not any information that suggests salt kills Lima beans. However, too such salt on a Lima beam plant may damage it.

Are there any famous restaurants?

The Mcdonalds chain of restaurants is extremely famous.

Did Peru fight in any wars?

Yes one was with chilie, peru lost

Are there any Wendy's restaurants located in Asia?

Yes; there are Wendy's restaurants in Japan.

Are there any Jack in the Box restaurants in Mexico?

No. There are no Jack in the Box restaurants in Mexico.

Are there any rainforest in Peru?

Yes, there are a ton of rain forests in Peru. In fact, Peru is known to have great Amazon rain forests.

What is the European country for Peru?

Peru is in South America, (is that what you meant?) it does not belong to any other country in Europe,Peru has its own government.,

What is the largest country in Peru?

Peru IS a country. Your question therefore does not make any sense.

Are there any plateaus in Peru?


Is there a king in Peru?

No, not any more.

Can horses eat lima beans?

Horses can eat most any Vegetables and Lima Beans are very healthy for them in small quantities

Are any restaurants open in livingston county mi on Thanksgiving?

any restaurants in livingston county oopen thanksgiving day

How many bible languages are in Peru?

There are only 3 Biblical languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Koine Greek. You can find untranslated copies of the Bible in almost any country of the world.

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