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Car insurance companies do not discriminate based on age, sex, or gender. Car insurance companies want to provide customers with the best options for a drivers individual car.

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What are some companies that sell long term care insurance?

Companies that sell long term care insurance are American Fidelity Assurance, Berkshire Life Insurance, MedAmerica Insurance and Prudential Insurance.

Which companies sell car insurance in the state of Texas?

The companies that sell car insurance in the state of Texas in the USA are companies such as "Allstate", "Corsicana INS", "State farm" and a few other companies.

Which companies sell car insurance in England?

Several companies sell car insurance in England, since drivers are required by law to have car insurance. Some companies include Aviva, AXA Car Insurance, Endsleigh, and Tesco Bank.

Which companies sell insurance for people who live in apartments?

Most Property & Casualty insurance companies that write Homeowners Insurance will also sell Tenant Insurance policies. Simply call your local insurance agent to inquire.

What are some popular companies to buy insurance from in Alabama?

There are a couple of companies that sell insurance in Alabama. Some of those companies include GEICO insurance, Progressive insurance, and State Farm auto insurance.

What companies sell non-owner auto insurance in Virginia?

I would like to know what companies sell non-owner auto insurance in va?

Where can a landlord obtain insurance for his rental property?

Most insurance companies that sell homeowners and renter's insurance also sell landlord insurance. Some companies where someone could purchase landlord insurance include Allstate, MetLife, and Progressive.

Do Insurance companies only hire registered agents or can any agent sell insurance?

Most of the reputable companies will only hire registered agents. However, some companies will hire someone who is well qualified and then spend the time and money to train and register the employee.

What companies sell aviation insurance?

Alexander Aviation, PIMI, AviationI, Falcon Insurance, AVPAC and Travers Aviation all sell aviation insurance. Each of these companies has a website where you can find additional information.

What companies sell homeowners insurance in FL?

None of the major insurance companies sell homeowners insurance in Florida. The state has made a mess in the insurance market and now the state run company citizens is reaping off homeowners.

What is the role of auto insurance brokers?

The role of auto insurance brokers is to sell some type of insurance. For example, the role of insurance brokers is to sell insurance on behalf of different insurance companies.

What websites can I go to for purchasing insurance leads?

There are actually only a few companies that will sell insurance leads to people or companies. The main one that is most trusted is called Axiomi. You can find out more on their website.

What companies sell private dental insurance in the state of New York?

There are multiple insurance companies selling dental insurance in the state of New York. Two of these companies are Delta and Medlife.

How many companies sell private health insurance in the State of Texas?

There are many companies sell private health insurance in the State of Texas. You can get a list of them at www.tdi.state.tx.us/health/lhiah_lst_incl.html

Where can one find an insurance agent lead?

Several companies sell insurance leads. A few companies that sell leads online are agentinsider, 1lead1buyer, parasolleads, netquote and allwebleads.

What is the relationship between the two insurance companies UNUM life insurance company of America and CIGNA insurance company?

According to my research they both sell Life Insurance. That is the only similarity that I could find.

Insurance for classic car motors can be found with which companies in the Dallas area?

Insurance for the classics car motors Ianthe Dallas area are. Bilby slash Adrian insurance companies these would he companies that sell this insurance.

What companies sell Landlord insurance policies?

The following insurance companies sell Landlord insurance policies and can be contacted by calling them for a quote. Among some popular choice Allstate, Metlife, Liberty Mutual all have this product.

What companies in Florida sell homeowners insurance?

Florida Home InsuranceThere are many Insurance companies that sell Homeowners insurance in the state of Florida. A few of them are State Farm, Farmers, Allstate, USAA and Geico. You can contact your States department of Insurance for a complete list of companies that offer home insurance in your state or alternatively you can try an Internet search.Best of Luck

What companies offer insurance for motor bikes?

Many of the major insurance companies offer insurance for motor bikes. AllState, Geico, Nationwide, and Progressive sell insurance at reasonable rates.

Does New Jersey sell car insurance for women drivers?

Yes, New Jersey does sell car insurance for women drivers. The best bet would be to get quotes from several agents from State Farm Insurance and Geico Insurance.

Where can someone purchase online motor insurance?

There are many companies that sell motor insurance on their websites. These companies include Geico, Progressive, Nationwide Insurance, and Liberty Mutual.

Which popular American companies will sell a life insurance policy?

Popular American companies that offer life insurance policies are MetLife, Allstate, and Geico. All three of these companies also offer auto insurance and homeowner's insurance.

Where can you get a list of insurance companies?

You could contact your states dept. of insurance, they will have a list of all the companys that can sell insurance in your state.

Which car insurance providers sell insurance in Florida?

All the major car insurance companies operate in Florida. So if you are with one of the bigger companies then you will be able to just stay with them.

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