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Yes one can get the job of Programmer,Web Administrater,Training Faculty if you wills to do these jobs.

If you are BCA from any of govt recognized Uni in India, I would suggest you do the MCA, because BCA is just a bachelor degree, If you do masters you will really get jobs in big and multinational companies like IBM, Cisco, Oracle India. You may want to read opportunities for BCA in Indi

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Q: Are there any jobs for BCA?
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Are there are more jobs for BCA than BBA?

no there no jobs for BCA graduates i m a BCA graduates n v have no value in any company we must have make our resume more heavier by doing extra professioal nad technical courses. BBA graduates get there jobs easily

Which kind of jobs offer bca course?

after completing a bca graduation what kinds of jobs can be available in Bangalore like in it fields

Did a BCA graduate get any job in accounting field?

yes BCA Graduate can get jobs in Accounting field by doing courses in Tally accounting and Industrial Accounting.

Is their any difference between computer science and BCA?

= Is their any difference between computer science and BCA?" =

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Computer jobs after bca in Indian army?

i have completed my bca with medical backgroung in 12th class. i want to join in defence force. so, would you please tell me how to apply to it?

Is 12 bio student is eligible for bca courses?

ya,,,,,,,,,,, u can join bca after 12th in any stream,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Will bca be tough for students who had not studied computer science?

its not like that nothing to worry any 1 can take bca

What are the job opportunities after completion of a BCA?

What is the opportunities of a BCA degree holder After BCA u can join any IT company as a fresher but after u have to do some certification course to improve your skills in IT.

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What should you do after BCA graduation?

i will do mca after bca

Best colleges for BCA in bhopal?

can i do mba after bca?

After BCA can i do BEd and in which field the opportunity for BCA? can

What Iban bca bank semarang?

BCA Semarang

WHICH IS BEst bsc it or bca?

offcourse BCA is best

What is the Syllabus for BCA entrance exam?

subject in bca

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What is the syllabus for BCA in Lucknow University?

bca syllabus

Which is better Psychology or BCA?

The acronym BCA has over 72 meanings. Please indicate what you mean by BCA. Viper1

What is the IBAN number of BCA in Indonesia?

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Can I get any college Islamic studies with BCA or IT?

Please check Education and College.

Is bca have any value?

yes for sure mate why do u think it dont ??