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If you mean behind the second row, yes, it's illegal. And it's extremly unsafe even if it is legal. There may be a few "behind the times" states that still have the law that as long as all seat belts are in use, people can sit behind the seat or in laps, but that doesn't mean this should be done. It is very unsafe.ans can cause serius injury or death

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Q: Are there any laws on children riding in the back of SUVs that do not have a 3rd row seat?
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What are the motorcycle laws concerning children riding on the back in the state of GA?

straddling the seat with approved helmet and eye protection

What is the tn. law on small children riding motorcycles behind driver?

Have not seen any laws against children riding on the back of a motorcycle, but do use some sense. Is the child capable of knowing to hold on and not let go? Do you have the proper gear to put on the child?

What are the Texas state laws on children riding motorcycles?

There is a new law that goes into effect September 1, 2009 that prohibits children under the age of five from riding on motorcycles.

What is the current law for children riding in the front seat in Texas?

There are no laws concerning children and front seats. There is a law about children and the use of child safety seats.

What are the traffic laws for kids riding in the front seat of a car in Washington?

Your child must be 13 years or older to sit in the front seat of a car. Here is an in-depth explanation of the laws about children riding in cars.

Children on motor cycles?

As i know there no laws with children on the back of motor cycles but I would my kids on the back of the motor cycle at 9 years.

Is it illegal to ride in the back of a pick up truck in Idaho?

No, there are currently no laws stating that riding in the bed of trucks is prohibited.

How is riding a horse scientific?

Riding is subject to the laws of physics. If you fall you will hit the ground.

Is it illegal to sit in the back of truck?

In most states it is. Maybe all of them. When the seat belt laws went into effect, that was the end of riding in the truck.

When can a child ride in the front seat in ny?

My umderstanding is that there is no law against children riding in the front seat of a car in NY. There are several requirments that children be "properly restrained" which varies by age and weight. However, there are no laws prohibiting a child of any age from riding in the front seat of a car.

What is the law on small children riding a motorcycle in Kansas?

According to the PD officer that's in my office, he says the only law is that children 17 and under must have helmets, but otherwise there aren't any other laws about children on motorcycles.

Is it illegal to run a stop sign on a bicycle?

no, it is not, if ure riding on the street you have to obey the traffic laws, if ure riding on the sidewalk you must obey the pedestrian traffic laws.

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