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There are no mermaids anywhere, since mermaids do not actually exist.

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Q: Are there any mermaids in Maine?
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How old do mermaids get their tails?

mermaids get their tail any time thy chande to mermaids

Can you speak to the Sims Mermaids?

There aren't any Sim mermaids.

Are mermaids like humans in any way?

Mermaids are not real.

Are there any real mermaids in Canada?

No. There are no real mermaids anywhere.

Have any mermaids been spotted?

There are mermaids. They are real. They are not make believe.

How do mermaids get food and water?

there isn't any such thing as a mermaids. sorry

Is there any proof of mermaids?


Do mermaids like people?

Mermaids are fictional. The can have any characteristic the author decides.

Which ocean do mermaids live in?

Mermaids do not live in any ocean on Earth as they are not real.

What are mermaids abilities?

Mermaids are fictional characters and can have any ability the author wants them to have.

Can you get mermaids on sims 2 PC?

No, there aren't any mermaids in the Sims games.

Is there any proof that mermaids exist?

No, there isn't any proof that mermaids exist. Mermaids are creatures of myth and folklore, not of science and reality.No, mermaids are a myth, they will only be found in fairy tales, stories, fables and legends.

How did sand dollars get their name?

children in Maine use to think that sand dollars were money that mermaids used

Which state do mermaids live in?

They don't live in any state. Mermaids aren't real.

What strengths do mermaids have?

Mermaids legends weren't said to have any great physical strength.

Are mermaids related to dugons?

Mermaids do not exist therefore are not related to any real creature.

What are mermaids predators?

Mermaids do not exist, so they don't have any predators. In some stories the author may have sharks prey on mermaids.

Do you bielieve in mermaids?

Yes I do believe in mermaids I have to say that, after repeated bad experiences, I do not believe in mermaids any more, they are totally unreliable.

Are mermaids fairies?

No, mermaids are not related to fairies in any way..... At least according to legend. No, mermaids are not fairies, but each are very aware of each other.

Do you need an expansion pack for mermaids on sims 2?

There are no mermaids in any of the Sims games or expansion packs.

Is there any life in the Arctic Ocean?


Are there only three mermaids?

Mermaids do not really exist. They exist only in our imaginations. Though there may be "mermaids" at the unexplored reaches of our Earth (or any other planet for that matter), there are no real mermaids that we know of.

What colors do mermaids' tails have?

Mermaids' tails aren't any specific colors, and they can be whichever color you prefer.

Why do people not believe in mermaids?

people don't believe in mermaids because is history no mermaids are true any more but if you believe in mermaids then is ok you don't have to be sad if they say ha ha do you think mermaids are true it is defently fine is what you think after all

Is there a way to turn people into mermaids?

No. Mermaids are not real and there is no way to change yourself into one or any other creature.