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Mermaids do not exist therefore are not related to any real creature.

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yes we are and we are mermaids too

1,982,432 dugons left in the world

no humans are not related to memaids

No, mermaids are not related to fairies in any way..... At least according to legend. No, mermaids are not fairies, but each are very aware of each other.

Dugongs are related to manatees, both of the order Sirenia (named for their reputations as "mermaids"). Current 2009 estimates are approximately 10,000 in the oceans around the Great Barrier Reef, and another 7,500 indigenous to the Persian Gulf. Other populations are considerably smaller and diminishing.

yes like sea flower mermaids moon mermaids pearl mermaids sun mermaids and even love mermaids

yes they are endangered not do much in Australia but in other countries yes

mermaids livge in the ocean there for mermaids are real

No. Mermaids are not real and there are no spells to make people into mermaids.

No. There are no real pictures of mermaids because mermaids do not exist. All photos of mermaids are fake.

There is no history of real mermaids as mermaids are not real and never were.

No, Sharks do not eat Mermaids because mermaids do not exist.

Mermaids do not live in countries. Mermaids live in the sea.

There are no mermaids anywhere, since mermaids do not actually exist.

You are real, but mermaids are not.

mermaids are real go to youtube and type in are mermaids real.

mermaids get their tail any time thy chande to mermaids

Mermaids don't exist, but No, if they did they would not be considered amphibians.

No. Mermaids do not exist

There are no such creatures as mermaids

No. Mermaids are not real.

Mermaids are a myth and do not exist.

No. Humans cannot become mermaids. Mermaids are purely fictional creatures.