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Are there any online GED courses?

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There are many GED courses online. Most classes are free. All classes are considered, not just High school. Some websites let you practice with sample tests so you will become familiar with classes.

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Yes, online courses for GED are available at and the best thing is that they are free. There are different other websites which are providing the courses of same type.

No, legit GED courses are not offered online. However, most community colleges offer free GED courses in their adult education department. Other resources such as the Board of Education may also offer free or low cost GED testing.

Steck Vaughn offers some free GED online courses. You can find more on their site,

This depends on the prices of the courses. You can find cheap and expensive courses both locally and online.

There are alot of online free GED study courses available. If you want to actually test and obtain the GED, the starting costs are about 200.00 and go up depending on the course details.

There are many states that let you get your GED online. Try checking out , and is a good site.

Please try out "" which offers GED courses online. You could probably complete GED for $1200 within a year from must school.

Try searching the internet for schools where you can study online courses to obtain your GED. There are plenty of online schools that can help you achieve your GED and at your own pace.

Obtaining a GED as an adult is not a very difficult. There are courses that are available both online as well as in the classroom.

There are quite a few online resources for GED classes, you may want to search and compare pricing, etc. One site that is good is Ther are no reliable online GED courses. For a GED you should pursue taking one through a local school district.

Yes, there are multiple. offers a free set of tutorials. offers paid courses which evaluate higher than GEDforFree's courses.

There are a number of websites that offer GED courses online. Here is a list of them:

Just type GED classes and it will give you several sites to do online courses. They also offer you summaries, tips for taking test. Keep in mind that the exam has to be done in person.

Good number of online programs are there that can prepare you for taking the GED.These sites offer you online preparation courses for GED-;;; AND

There are no places online that offer free GED services. However, if you call your counties board of education, they should be able to inform you of free GED classes and testing sites in your area. Most community colleges offer free or low cost GED tests in their Adult Education department. Other services also GED courses.

Plenty of online courses are available for a small price to obtain your GED. Most people who choose this option are very busy and do so because of their work schedule.

Yes, GED classes and grading, including certification are available online for those who cannot attend local classes in their area. Most GED courses have pass/fail grading.

You cannot take the GED test online. Each US state has different guidelines for how the GED can be obtained. Online GED courses to help you prepare are available, one website you can check out is After you prepare for your test, you can go to to find a testing site in your area.

Online GED classes can be found at GED For Free, Pass GED, GED Online Diploma, My-GED,John Adams Virtual School, GED Online Class, and Rio Salado College

Online GED courses are offered by many community colleges as well as commercial websites. Such a course would prepare you for Math, Social Studies, Science and Language Arts.

Not everyone graduates from high school in a traditional manner. Some children leave school to work and help a family with finances. Others find they are not suited for a traditional school setting and leave school to complete a high school diploma from an alternative source. Homeschooled children also have the option to complete the GED test to earn a high school diploma. Online GED programs connect students who want to earn a high school diploma with classes and testing sites for quick high school completion without hindering everyday life.Who is Eligible for Online GED Programs?Anyone from the age of 19 and up is qualified to take the federal GED test at an approved location. Students between the ages of 16 and 18 can apply for special consideration for testing after taking online GED courses. Teens are generally given exceptions if they are out of school for illness, behavioral problems or as home-schooled students. Other considerations may be approved by the federal government.Who Can Take Online GED Courses?Anyone can take online GED courses. Free courses and paid courses are available. Free courses tend to include online publications that require self-study. Paid courses offer the same publications, but practice testing and support are also available. The cost of the GED exam may also be covered with paid online GED programs.Is a GED Accepted by Colleges?Nearly 100% of universities and colleges accept the GED certificate as being equal to a high school diploma. In addition, students who passed GED certification after an online GED course are eligible for most federal financial aid. Once a student has passed the GED test, they will need to pass an ACT or SAT test before applying for college. College acceptance procedures will reveal which test is acceptable. Not every school accepts the ACT but most accept the SAT.Taking Online GED Courses Early – Home SchoolingHome schooled students have the option to take the GED test early. If these students pass the GED test with a score of 500 or better, they move from being a high school student to being a college bond graduate. Online GED courses are typically taken in home before signing up for a federal GED test.

You can take the GED any time but if you need more schooling the online courses may help GED Online Classes: (YES) There are GED classes that be taken online to prepare for the actual GED test. These GED online classes will never offer a GED that can be completed online though. Be wary of any website that offers a GED that can be awarded from their site. The only way to receive a GED is by taking the test at a local facility that is delegated for the testing sponsorship. You should not be surprised if certain websites will want to charge you in order to sign up and take the GED online classes.

You need to take part in english, math, social studies, and science.