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There are indeed many online places that offer online classes and/or courses on Microsoft Excel. One such website is sponsored by Microsoft at: Microsoft Learning Training.

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Q: Are there any online classes available for Microsoft Excel?
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Are there any free excel classes available online?

Microsoft offers a number of free online class here:

Are there classes in Microsoft excel I can take?

There are a number of classes you could take to learn to use Microsoft Excel. Microsoft itself offers online classes at training/format-online.aspx. Your local library or community college would also be a good source of information about learning Excel in the classroom.

where can I take online Excel classes for my job?

Chandoo is one of the most popular Excel classes, but you have to pay for some of the classes. They are located online at

What can I do with microsoft training?

Microsoft training courses are available to help master Microsoft programs such as Excel, Word, Access, and Powerpoint. Microsoft offers these courses online on its website,

Is there online help in excel Microsoft?


Can a person complete calculations in Microsoft Excel 2003?

Yes they can. It is what Microsoft Excel is for.Yes they can. It is what Microsoft Excel is for.Yes they can. It is what Microsoft Excel is for.Yes they can. It is what Microsoft Excel is for.Yes they can. It is what Microsoft Excel is for.Yes they can. It is what Microsoft Excel is for.Yes they can. It is what Microsoft Excel is for.Yes they can. It is what Microsoft Excel is for.Yes they can. It is what Microsoft Excel is for.Yes they can. It is what Microsoft Excel is for.Yes they can. It is what Microsoft Excel is for.

Where online can I find information about online excel training?

Information on online microsoft excel training can be found at The website provides an online training service for all levels of excel users.

What are the parts of Microsoft Excel environment?

Environment for Microsoft Excel includes the following:Microsoft Office Excel (various version available with the most current one being Microsoft Excel 2007) This is only available as part of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (as opposed to Microsoft SharePoint Services which is a free component available with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 onwards)It is used to distribute Excel spreadsheets. One has the ability to allow for only specific cells to be edited by the user and could be used in, for example, a budgeting process. Workflow and storage is managed by Microsoft Office SharePoint server in this caseMicrosoft Excel ServicesE-learning for Microsoft Excel is available through the Microsoft website.

Are there any Excel Basics training courses offered in Los Angeles?

There are numerous online Excel courses that you can take from LA. Microsoft offers a number of Excel courses available for free on their website.

Where could one download a Microsoft Excel viewer?

You can download Microsoft Excel Viewer from the Official Microsoft Download Centre. The Excel Viewer is only available as a 32-bit application not as a 64-bit application.

Is Microsoft Excel available only to Windows?

No. You can also get it on a Macintosh computer.

Who has the best Microsoft Excel classes?

Rather than Microsoft Excel classes, I'd just take an ICT course at my local college, as they'd offer more option rather than just those valid skills.

Who are the creators of Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft excel was created by Microsoft

Where can I take classes to learn Excel?

Usually community centers that offer adult education classes offer classes on Microsoft Excel. You could also check with your local community college for a cheap class.

Where can online tutorials to Microsoft Excel 2007 be found?

The official Microsoft site itself has online tutorials for using Microsoft Excel 2007 in its 'Support' section. There are tutorials for familiarization, creating graphs, reports, and for accumulating data.

Does Microsoft offer business accounting software?

yes, microsoft office has business accounting software available online. on their website you can download certain software for free. excel, on microsoft office is also used for accounting.

How can one get a free Excel course?

Excel is spreadsheet software made by Microsoft. Free training in this program is available online at GCF Learn Free, Curious, E Learning Center, and Excel Exposure, among others.

Who offers training in Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft has video tutorials available for training in Microsoft Excel. Web Educator also has customized training available. Alternatively, try National Seminars Training for their one-day training workshops.

Which websites offer free and good online learning of Microsoft Excel?

See related links for free online training from Microsoft.

How do you launch Microsoft Excel?

Programs->Microsoft Office->Microsoft Excel

Are there any Games in Microsoft Excel 2003?

There are no hidden games in Microsoft Excel after Microsoft Excel 2000, so there are none in Microsoft Excel 2003.

Where can I find an online class that teaches Excel?

There are a lot of websites which gives online training for Microsoft Excel. You can check out the following websites that teaches Excel online * * You can get good hang of Excel through these websites.

Where can I find free excel training online?

Microsoft offers excel demonstrations and helpful how-to's on their website

Is Microsoft Excel is a software?

Yes, Microsoft Excel is software.

Microsoft Excel is an example of a?

Microsoft Excel is an example of spreadsheetsoftware.