Are there any online games that are like Animal Crossing?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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There are The Sims Online and The Sims Carniva, both online Sims games that are similar to Animal Crossing.

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Q: Are there any online games that are like Animal Crossing?
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Are there online games like harvest moon?

The other online games that are like the Harvest Moon include: Stardew Valley, Rune Factory, and Animal Crossing. The other types of games includes Viva Pinata and Shepherd's Crossing.

Are there online games similar to Animal Crossing?

not really. there are ones that are fun but a bit different. like habbo hotel, or club penguin.

Are there any online animal games that you can create the animal and be the animal?

no,there are no games like that.

What are some Wii games similar to Animal Crossing?

My Sims and Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility are two games I would recommend if you like the Animal Crossing genre.

Can you play Animal Crossing Lets go to the city online?

no. but you could try other/ similar games like habbo hotel or club penguin

Who is Rosie on Animal Crossing?

She is a cute blue cat that appears in all Animal Crossing games. She even appeared in Animal Crossing The Movie and is Ai's friend!( But her name in Japanese is Buke, pronounced like bouquet!!)

What are all the animal crossing games?

They are role playing/sim like video games where you area farmer.

What are the hottest games ds games for a ten year old girl?

Nintendogs Animal Crossing Mario Kart Usually any games like Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing is fun because it never ends!

Should you buy Animal Crossing City Folk?

It depends if you like the other animal crossing games, or if this is your first animal crossing game then you should give it a try. I like the game because you get to live another life and its a role playing game and a little adventurous.

Are there any iMac apps like animal crossing or runescape but not online?

nope, there aren't any apps like that!

Is Animal Crossing New Leaf only on the 3DS?

Yes. Animal Crossing New Leaf is exclusively for the 3DS (and like all 3DS games will be compatible with the 2DS).

Do you have to download games for your dsi?

No, just a shop were you can shop for games and minigames and apps like a animal crossing calculator.