Are there any organizations helping giant pandas?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Well, gee, I wonder. Maybe that group that uses a panda as their logo, but, you know, its hard to say.

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Q: Are there any organizations helping giant pandas?
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Are any zoos helping Giant Pandas from becoming extinct?

any zoo that has a giant panda is trying to help keep them from going exstinct

Do pandas have any fighting cancer medicine?

do giant pandas have any type of fighting medicine can giant pandas fight dangerous sickness gaint pandas againts sickness gaint pandas againts sickness

Are there any articles on giant pandas?


Are there any experiments to do about giant pandas?

Fortunetley No!

By what do pandas get eaten?

Giant pandas do not have any natural predators in the wild. Their only enemy is man.

Are there any wild giant pandas in the UK?

Yes because two giant pandas are arriving at the Toronto Zoo in 2013.

How do giant pandas nurse their young?

pandas nurse there young like any-other mammal they use milk

Is there china have any endangered species?

Giant pandas are one species.

What are giant pandas good for in the wild?

like any other animal, pandas are apart of their ecosystem that is part of the circle of life if you will.

Is there any giant pandas living in captivity now?

Yes. The San Diego Zoo currently houses 3 giant pandas name Gao Gao, Bai Yun, and Yun Zi. You can check out these pandas on the zoo's website.

Do giant pandas puff up?

No, much like other mammals, giant pandas lack the special pores in their skin required to make their hair puff up, and generally do not need to make themselves look any larger.

Do panda bears come from raccoons?

Giant Pandas have the same ancestor as Raccoons, but are in the Bear Clade. Lesser Pandas are in the Raccoon Clade, and all Bears, Raccoons, and Dogs have a common ancestor. Giant Pandas are closely related to Raccoons, more related than any other species in the Bear Clade.