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Can the fuel pump relay on a 94 Volvo 940 cut the car off?

If the relay is not supplying power to the fuel pump, then no fuel to the motor. No fuel - no power.

AC relay Volvo 940 compressor?

Location ac compressor relay 940 volvo

Where is starter relay located on 1986 Volvo 240gl?

Where is starter relay on a 1986 volvo 240gl

What does an overdrive relay do in a 1991 740 Volvo?

allows power distribution to the overdrive solenoid for overdrive engagement.

Where is the horn relay not fuse of Volvo 850?

There is no relay for the horn!

Where is the glow plug relay located on a Volvo s40?

how locate glow plug relay on 2008 Volvo diesel 2.0D

Where is the flasher relay 2002 Volvo S60?

Flasher relay is built into the flasher switch..

Are infrared detectors power sources or switches?

An infrared detector needs a power source to operate and it is used to active a relay that can be used as a switch.

Where is the relay to the fan belts for a 1992 Volvo 940?

you do not have a relay for a fan belt. just change them.

Where is the brake light relay located in a 1991 Volvo 240?

The 1991 Volvo brake light relay switch is located beneath the drivers side dashboard. The brake light relay switch will be above the brake pedal.

What is a 1323592-1?

It is the Volvo fuel injection relay . It provides the ground path for the fuel injectors. According to info I found, Volvo 1323592-1 is used as a cooling fan relay and as a noise suppression relay.

Where is the rear fog light relay for a Volvo v70?

where is the rear fog light on a 1999 volvo v70

Where is located AC relay on Volvo 850?

You have to remove the glove-box. You will find the relay back - to left.

Where is the overdrive relay on a 1987 Volvo?


Would relay cause car not to start on 1993 940 Volvo?

yes and ignition relay would..

Where is the overdrive relay on a 1989 Volvo?

Behind glove box

Would fuel injector relay cause your Volvo 1993 Volvo 850 not to start?

Do you have your terminology right....The injector relay would be the computer right??? The fuel pump relay could cause that problem!!!! good luck and let me know

What is a relay in power plants?

A relay in power plants comprises three components namely voltage relay, thermal relay and current relay. It is used to power up an industrial equipment.

What is difference between reverse power relay and directional relay in electrical protection?

A reverse power relay is a directional overcurrent relay. Directional relays are relays that sense power flow in one direction, and include (directional) overcurrent relays, reverse power, and impedance based relays. So a reverse power relay is a directional relay, but a directional relay is not necessarily a reverse power relay.

Why is the fuel pump on your 1988 ford ranger not returing fuel?

relay is giving power to other relay pump not working

How do you test the radiator fan relay in a 1993 Volvo 940?

by changing it.

What other relays are close to the fuel pump relay in a 1997 Chevrolet S10 Pickup?

The horn relay, the daytime running lights relay and if the vehicle has power door locks, the relay for that too.

If the power window relay on a 1998 Volvo S70 gets hot and the window does not work what could be wrong?

Does power reach the window motor? Yes it does, now I found that when you activate the unlock switch to the rear windows (allowing passengers to use) the relay gets hot. when you lock them out, the relay works fine. The motor and power to the windows lessons when the lock is unlocked. Is there any binding if you you move any of them manually?

Where is the overdrive relay located on a 1992 940 Volvo?

Behind the ashtray--google "Volvo 940 overdrive relay" for detailed answers on how to get to it. It's beyond the fuse panel, the white one with black print on the right.

Where is the power relay for a 2004 Acura TSX?

The 2004 Acura is equipped with several power relay switch is. Some of the power relay switch is are located in the fuse box. Some of the power relay switch is our mounted to the firewall.

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