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Renting horsesLimonite Riding Stables in Mira Loma, CA.

Be VERY careful about crossing the river... there IS quicksand, you and or your horse can possilby GET STUCK...I got my leg stuck the weekend of 5/22 looking for a safe place to take the horses, and had to have a friend pull me out. You must only cross where designated and when designated as safe... how do you know? ask whoever you see riding. ie. no one who owns a horse has crossed since last fall.. everyone is afraid, so if you are warned by other riders that they have not crossed, FORGET IT. Happy Trails...

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1 and 2 hr guided horse rides during the day and sunset dinner ride at night no reservations needed for the day reservations needed every night except Friday for sunset dinner ride for more info,


Unfortunately, the Limonite Riding Stables in Mira Loma (described above in first response) is no longer in business. The only other place I know of is River Trails Riding Stables in Norco, CA:

River Trails Riding Stables

4545 Hamner Avenue, Norco, CA 92860

(where the 91 meets the I-15)

(951) 736-9800

*Daytime Rates:

$25.00 for one hour

$50.00 for two hours

Buy two hours and you get the third hour free

Non-guided (although they will escort you out to the main trail head so you don't get lost; then they let you go off by yourself)

*Nighttime rates: (call ahead and make a reservation for night horseback riding)

$30.00 for one hour

$60.00 for two hours

Buy two hours and you get the third hour free

Night Trail Rides are guided, and trotting and cantering is ok

Also this can help all the way.

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Q: Are there any places in California you can rent horses for a couple hours or a day without a guide if you have horse riding experience?
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