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No country starts with X.

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Are there any countries cities or places starting with x?

Xalapa, Mexico is a city. Xanthi, Greece is a city. Xi'an, Xiamen and Xiangtan are cities in China.

Is there any ocuntries starting with W?

Countries starting with W include Wales...

Is there any country's starting with w?

There are currently no countries starting with "W" as of March 10, 2009.

Name any 3 countries starting with letter D?

Three countries starting with the letter D include Denmark, Dominican Republic, and Dominica.

Are their any places with child labor?

Yup, many places, the major countries with child labor are China and India.

Is there any other countries starting with o other than Oman?

There are no other countries beginning with the letter 'O'.

Are all Africans wealthy?

As with all countries and places, not all the inhabitants are wealthy, indeed less than 1% of any countries citizens are wealthy.

A country or a city that starts with a W?

City = Warsaw Don't think there are any countries starting with W

Why do they only sell dwarf hamsters in stores and what happened to regular sized hamsters?

Well I'm sorry to say but syrian hamsters are not that popular any more some places syrian hamsters are very popular but some places there not

Do any European countries use window screens to keep out bugs?

Most European countries do not use window screens to keep out bugs. The screen is an American invention and not as popular in other countries.

What countries are football popular?

Brazil is the most popular football nation in the world having won the World Cup more than any other country. Other popular football countries are of course England (being the host of the first ever football match, and has also the best league in the world) Italy, Spain, Germany and Argentina are also considered as the most popular countries in the world.

Are there any dog day care centers in Madison, Wisconsin?

No. for some reason these types of places are only popular or in any way profitable in big cities.

From what countries did pandas originate?

Giant Pandas originated from China. But migrated to places like Asia an any other place that is wet. They are also in places that grow bamboo. That is what the Panda eats.

Are there any countries starting with y?

Technically, no. The Republic of Yemen may be referred to simply Yemen, although that is not its whole name.

How many countries watch NASCAR?

Just about any country that has tv watches it. It is one of the most popular sports in the world.

What places were NOT involved in the Crusades?

Plenty of them weren't involved. In fact, any countries other than Britain and Jerusalem were basically out of the question.

Are there any other places like Stonehenge?

yes, in other parts of Great Britain and some in France and maybe other countries

What countries study confuciasim?

China is where Confucianism. I'm not sure if any other places still believe, but it is greatly influenced in China.

Are there any places starting with C?

here's a list (feel free 2 contribute): * China * Cuba * Chile * California * Canada

What are the countries that a 14 year old can get married in to a 18 year old in?

I don't believe there are any. The majority of countries require you to be 18, there are numerous places that will allow a 16 year old to get married.

What countries is Barack Obama banned from?

As far as we know, President Obama is not "banned" from any countries. As with all presidents, he is more popular in some countries than in others, and certain countries like Iran or North Korea may have policies that discourage a US president from visiting, but it is doubtful that there is any official "ban" in place anywhere.

Are there any diseases in Russia?

Contrary to popular belief, Russia in no different from any other country in existence today. Therefore it is exposed to the same diseases as other countries.

Is there any countries starting with you?

Uganda, Ukraine, Uruguay. If you will allow the United Arab Emirates, United States of America, United Kingdom

What areas on Earth do not belong to any country?

USCitizen, many places in Antarctica belong to several countries. Only Marie Byrd Land does not.

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