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Linksys makes a few range extenders for G routers costing about sixty to eighty dollars.

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Q: Are there any range extenders available for Linksys G routers?
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How much does a Linksys wireless router cost?

Amazon have a wide range of Linksys routers available on their website at various prices and with excellent information and customer reviews to help you make up your mind.

Which wifi wireless routers have the best range?

One of the long range router I have tried out is Linksys 5400. There are many of them from Linksys with difference in models and features. But it is worth it. You can also shop from Slankit for these long range routers. I hope these helps!

What's the best wifi extender I can buy?

To extend your wifi range at home a wifi extender can be bought at Bestbuy, Target, or another electronic selling store. One of the best wifi extenders that can be bought today is the Netgear wifi extender.

Which brand of wireless N router gives the best range, Linksys or D-link?

Linksys N routers give great range on the 5.4 Ghz. band, but D-link comes in a close second.

Buying Linksys Wireless Routers?

Without a doubt, Linksys wireless routers are some of the best routers on the market today. The company produces great machines with great range, speed, and affordable pricing. It is hard to find a better value out there. Plus, there are multiple models available, so there is something for everyone. Buying a wireless router is not that hard, but a person needs to buy the right and proper setup for their home or apartment.

What is the longest ranger wireless router available?

Wireless routers that utilize MIMO or N (not Draft N) technology have the longest range. Brand wise I prefer Linksys but Netgear also makes a good product.

What types of networking products are avaialble at Netgear?

Netgear offers wireless routers suitable for different uses, along with wireless adapters and range extenders. Netgear also offers wired options in the form of wired modems or Ethernet routers.

What is a wireless range extender for?

A wireless range extender increases the range that your whan signal works There are several types of range extenders available so choose the one you need. I hope this helps.

Where can I get a Linksys router setup?

There are several different models of Linksys wireless routers over a range of prices from $30 - $100 depending on the speed of the router. An electronic retail store such as Best Buy would be able to help you determine which model will fit with your needs.

Where can I get a wireless modem?

Several wireless router manufactures offer routers in the price range of $50 to $100. The best reviewed brands of wireless routers are Linksys, Belkin, and Netgear. If you are looking for a lower price you could try the website or perhaps EBay.

Is it better to buy a range extender or a second router for wifi?

It depends on what you are planning to do. First of all many routers can work as extenders (so far only the same routers are compatible in the bridge mode, meaning if you want to use a router as an extender you better purchase the same one you already have). Second, performance of your network depends on which hardware you are using. And as result, choice of a router or extender depends on it too. Third, some particular routers work better as router than extenders, others have opposite characteristics. You need to check reviews for both and than make your choice. PS: many extenders do not have good reviews.

How to Find the Longest Range Wireless Router?

Finding the longest range wireless router to work with your system is a matter of determining which routers are compatible with your computer. Look at what your system components are and notice how these compare to routers available online and with local stores. Check the range on each of these routers and figure out if this is any better than your current router.

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