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There are several schools taht offer training. I would suggest taking classes on the internet

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2010-04-14 12:36:28
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Q: Are there any schools in Texas that offer training in Radiation Therapy?
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Where is massage therapy training available in the Houston TX area?

There are a few schools in the Houston, Texas area that offer massage therapy training. A couple of these schools include "Houston School of Massage" and the "Phoenix Massage Therapy School".

What college can I go to to take up massage therapy in the state of Texas?

I found this great site with excellent information about massage therapy schools. It's called "My Health Schools". They list 4 massage therapy schools in Texas that they recommend.

Are there any schools in Dallas, Texas that offer respiratory therapy training?

I did a little searching online for you and think I've found something. From the looks of it, a place called the ATI Career Training Center in Dallas does offer respiratory training.

What are the best physical therapy schools in Texas?

The best physical therapy schools in Texas include US Army-Baylor University, Texas Women's University, University of Texas Medical Branch -Galveston, Texas State University, and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

Are there any schools in Austin, Texas that offer online technical training?

Yes, there are schools in Austin, Texas that offer online technical training. You can see them at

What is the youngest age you can work at Texas pharmacy?

18 and you have to have training to work in a pharmacy. Many vocational schools offer the training needed.

What defensive driving schools are located in Texas?

There are many driving schools. Depending on the user choice, there are schools which provide both in-class and online training. Idrivesafely and comedydefensivedriving are two of the schools.

How many schools are in Laredo Texas?

1 university, 1 community college, 7 vocational training centers, 62 public schools, 29 private schools.

What college in Texas offers a bachelor's degree in occupational therapy?

There are schools in Texas which offer coursework in pre-occupational therapy at the undergraduate level. To become an occupational therapist, you will need to obtain at least a master's level degree. Six Texas colleges offer such programs. They are Texas Tech University, Texas Woman's University, and four University of Texas branches.

Where in Texas can I learn how to become a court reporter?

There are only a handful of schools located in Texas that offer court reporting training. The best place to get this training though would be Corinthian colleges located in Austin.

What schools in Texas offer Veterinary Technician training?

Any major college or university in Texas will offer verterinary technical training. Also many clinics or veterinarians may offer trainig in teh field as well.

What is the location of the Texas running center?

The address of the Texas Running Center's training facility is Physical Therapy of Mansfield, 1580 Hwy. 287 N., Mansfield, Texas, U.S.A. The "TRCX" racing new training and racing facility is located at the red barn Health Clus: 5860 Interstate 20, Kennedale, Texas, U.S.A.

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