Are there any signs or symptoms that would be evident as early as 2 weeks into a pregnancy?

Well i dont think it will show up @ 2 weeks on a preg test. but when i found out i was preg i was 2 months already. I thought i was becuz i had sever cramping in my legs,i was waking up really early,my boobs were tingly had little bumps around the nipple part, and i had heartburn like crazy! but if u think ur preg wait till u miss ur period and take a test...if it comes out neg take 1 more just to be sure the next day! i wish u the best of luck and u can email me any time. xoxo

I did a pregnancy test after 2 weeks of trying to fall, so I wasnt even due for my period yet and the pregnancy test came up positive.

I took a pregnancy test two days before i expected a period and it came out positive. It doesnt detect as much hormone at that time so the line was light but present. I have been having cramping almost immediatly after conception. Have been very tired lately. Usually 2 weeks after ovulation and conception would be a good time to take an early result test. Just remember it is likely that if it shows up negative you could still be pregnant so wait a few days and take another after you miss your period.

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