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Well on Wolfquest you can hunt Horses but playing as Horses - no such thing. On game maker you can make a 2D Platform remake (see link below) but I can't really help you on this one.

EDIT: You don't hunt horses... You hunt elk. There is one game I know of but you are not a horse you are a deer. Its very interesting, you don't have goals or anything but you do have a human like face and a deer body. Its called the endless forest and it is ONLY compatible with PC's which sucks :( cuz its really good. Its is a MMORPG type game and has a lot of fun things inside like magic and random events. But horse wise I have not found one. You can try looking in the game console world if you have a wii or DS or other there might be one.

Edit: Well you can actually download endless forest if you get wineskin, which is like a cover that helps u download PC games to mac games, thats how i got Feral Hearts, where u can be a feline like tigers or lions even hyenas. So u can Google wineskin and download it. Theres also a new game called Arokai with more animals like bears and deers.hope this helps :)

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When I was a kid, there was a game like it but I can't remember the name. But the answer is "no". I'm sorry. Ask one of your friends if they know the name. You're welcome!

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Not really exactly like HorseIsle, but the closest would probably be WolfQuest. See related links below for the location.

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star stable and alicia online

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Q: Are there any wolf games that are like howrse and what is it?
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there is feral hearts,wolf home,the endless forest,howrse it's meant to be spelled like that,also there is fly like a bird,animal jam,and white oak stables.

Are there any dog games like howrse?

There are three I know of: Dogdayzz Dogzer Dog Wars

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Cod, counterstrike, warrock

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Hi actually i know of a game no download its like wolf quest its called wolf haven

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Check 'Howrse'...

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There is the game Feral heart It is like Wolf quest, but you can either be a lion or a wolf. I personally like Feral Heart better

How do you use the greenhouse on Howrse?

You use it like any other meadow on Howrse.

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william and sly or william and sly 2

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there is Feral Heart. there is Wolfquest but you are a wolf. there is also a game called the endless forest and you are a dear