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no, there are no bugs or bug parts in chocolate. if you here the rumor that there are bug legs or bug parts in the recipe of chocolate, it is a rumor and it is not true.

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Does chocolate ice cream have bug legs in them?

Not at all, just look at the ingredients!

How many bug legs can be in a chocolate bar and still be sold?

More or less 1,000 Legs According to American Institute of Food and Medicine

How many legs does a stick bug have?

A stick bug has six legs.

How many jointed legs does a lady bug have?

a lady bug has 6 legs.

What is the fastest bug on six legs?

A huntsman spider is the fastest bug on six legs

How many legs does a lightning bug have?

A lightning bug, like all insects, has 6 legs.

How many legs does a water bug have?

Like all insects a water bug has six legs.

Is bug parts in chocolate?


Is a leech a bug?

no because it in order for it to be a bug, it has to have 6 legs

Is there really bug eggs in chocolate?

It depends on what kind of chocolate...

Does chocotate have bug legs in it?


How many legs does a lady bug have?

A lady Bug is classed as an insect, and therefore by definition has 3 pairs of legs, 6 legs in total.SIX.

How many legs are on a stink bug?

exactly 6 legs

How many legs does a pill bug have?

A pill bug is an isopod with 7 legs on each side so 14 together

How do you identify a bug?

It will probobly have six legs and look like a bug

What is the bug called that has a grasshoppers body and eight legs like a spider pic of bug taken 8808?

A cricket is the answer because crickets have grasshopper body and eight legs and its a bug!!!

What bug has ears on its legs?

the fly

Do you shave your legs when you have bug bites?


What bug has 10 legs?


Are there spider legs in chocolate?

Only the good chocolate.

Is a snow bug a insect?

A snow bug is considered to be an insect. The snow bug is a very small black bug with six legs.

What kind of bug has a black and red body with 6 legs?

A lady bug

If a bug has 6 legs its an insect what if it has 4 legs?

I don't think there are bugs with four legs.

What is a red bug with a fat body and 8 legs?

A red bug with a fat body and 8 legs is known as chaniya Asian bug. These bugs are different from the ordinary bed bugs.

What is the bug in chocolate?

Coco beans and caffenine

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