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There are literally hundreds of types of turn tables. Here are some common ones:

The Irish Uilleann bagpipe

The Northumbrian smallpipe

The Scottish smallpipe

The biniou

French and Occitan bagpipes

The border pipe

The gaita

The Brian Boru bagpipe

Other types

did you mean bagpipes like from Scotland that's what i thought. not turntables. yes.

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Q: Are there different types of bagpipes?
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What are some different types of Gaitas?

Gaitas is a word that can refer to several different types of definitions. Some different types are bagpipes, flutes, hornpipes, music genre and music ensemble.

What is the different between bagpipes to clarinet?

the bagpipes are louder

What is the size of the bagpipes?

There are different varying sizes of bagpipes, but the common ones are as big as a healthy newborn baby.

What a two different type of bagpipes?

The Great Highland Bagpipes (the famous Scottish ones) The Tulum

Are uilleann pipes the same thing as bagpipes?

uilleann pipes are a type of bagpipe, however when most people think of bagpipes they are thinking of the Great Highland Bagpipes (the scottish ones), these are different from the uilleann...

What is the proper name for the bagpipes?

The term "bagpipes" covers a number of different instruments, with different names, from various countries. The "proper" name would depend on the particular instrument that you have in mind.

What musical instrument has a chanter and drones?

The Scottish bagpipes is one and also the Uilleann pipes that are played in Ireland, which is related but different to the bagpipes, and played in a different way. See the photos in the links below.

What country are the bagpipes from?

The bagpipes are from Scotland

What acdc song starts with bagpipes?

"It's a Long Way to the Top" has bagpipes in the song, but does not begin with bagpipes.

Are bagpipes played in Ireland?

Yes, the Irish play bagpipes, as found in Scotland. There are many pipe bands in Ireland that use them. However, the Irish also have their own form of bagpipes called the Uilleann pipes. These use a bellows controlled by the arm, rather than blowing into them. They are more associated with traditional Irish music, and have a different sound to the bagpipes that are associated with Scotland.

Why are the bagpipes associated with Scotland?

Because the most common form of bagpipes played today is the Great Highland Bagpipes, which are scottish.

Scotland - bagpipes?

bagpipes are a traditional scottish musical instrument

What sound does bagpipes make?

Bagpipes skirl. Find out on YouTube...

Why you hate bagpipes?

Personally I dont, I love the sound of bagpipes.

What countries are associated with bagpipes?

Bagpipes are primarily associated with the Scottish Highlands.

Are the bagpipes a famous instrument in Scotland?

Yes, but Scotland is not the only place where the bagpipes are famous. There are some very fine Irish bagpipes, for instance.

Are the bagpipes usually associated with Australia or Scotland or England?

Bagpipes are associated with Scotland.

Why do Scottish people play bagpipes?

because the bagpipes are scotlands national instrument

When bagpipes were made?

Bagpipes have been made in several countries for several centuries.

Why were bagpipes made illegal?

The bagpipes were never made illegal, it is a common myth.

How do you use bagpipes in a sentence?

My uncle played bagpipes at his wedding because he is Scottish.

Where did bagpipes originate?

Bagpipes, although rumored to have originated in Scotland, they came from Spain.

When was The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes created?

The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes was created in 1964.

Why are the bagpipes important to Scotland?

Traditional Scottish music is mostly played on bagpipes and Scottish military regiments very often use bagpipes to rally troops.

Which of the travelers likes to play the bagpipes?

The Red-haired Miller likes to play the bagpipes

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