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Yes! You know that you will not get an STD or AIDS by having sex. Also you have a lower chance of getting Cervical cancer. The more sex partners that you have the more likely you will catch something. Cervical cancers main cause is STD's. I saw that on Tyra Banks show.

2015-07-15 21:42:51
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Q: Are there health benefits for a lady who does not take the pill and who has never been sexually active?
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Can you get genital herpes if you are not sexually active at all or have never been?

It is extremely unlikely.

Can you get genital warts if you are not sexually active at all or have never been?

It's possible though unlikely. Note that being sexually active includes any sexual activity, including oral sex. If you have genital warts, you should see a doctor.

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Your period has lasted longer than a month and you are overweight but this has never happened before You haven't been sexually active so what is happening?

Necrotizing Fasciitis

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Can 68 yr old woman have genital herpes who is not sevually active?

If she contracted herpes earlier in her life then yes she still has it. Herpes is a permanent virus, it doesn't go away over time. If she has never been sexually active (never had oral sex or intercourse before)then there wouldn't be a risk of her having herpes. Being sexually active means you have had sex before, even if she hasn't had sex in a long time. Herpes doesn't care how old you are, it can affect you at any age.

White bumps around the head of penis?

Sexually activeWhite bumps at the head of the penis may indicate Herpes if you are sexually active and you should see a doctor ASAP.Bumps at the base of the penis may be ingrown hairs, but if they are itchy and burning they could also be herpes and you should see a doctor ASAP.Not sexually ActiveIf you are not sexually active, or have never had sex, then white bumps could be contact- dermatitis (skin irritation) which like acne can get painful if left untreated so mention it to your doctor and you will probably just be given a treatment of topical medication to clear it up.Good hygiene is very important and will help avoid these discomforts.

Are you considered a veteran if you were in the National Guard but never was on active duty?

You are considered a National Guard vet. As far as benefits go, the V.A. will tell you what you qualify for.

Is it normal for your period to be late just after you become sexually active?

When I first became sexually active my period came and went whenever it felt like. But I always used protection and my period was never regular in the first place. Just make sure you're not pregnant and that should give you some insight. I am sexually active, and i always use protection. Sometimes my period will be 5 days late, and sometimes my period will be early.

If you become sexually active can your period change?

It's only natural for any woman to have changes in their periods when they become sexually active and when you stop using any birth control. If you go to your gp get blood tests done and regular smears you will be fine. Regular sex doe's change thing's if you never been in a serious relationship. Your period changes every month.

What is the unnecessary use or disclosure of health information that could reasonably have been prevented is referred to as?

There is never an unnecessary disclosure of health info, if you will try to prevent it then you will not get the tax benefits, insurance utilizations and leaves from your organization.

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If you have never started your period and your sexually active can you get pregnant?

Yes, You Can. I'm not really certain though. I'm not experience. But it does make sense. If you want to be certain, I suggest you buy the pregnancy test or consult a doctor:)

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The dollar value of health benefits varies from company to copany and is somewhat subjective. If you never get sick and rarely use your benefits or have given up some other position because it did NOT have health benefits, even if you would have enjoyed yourself and utimately prospered more, those costs depend on you. You can compare the cost to you for employe contributed health benefits to the cost of the paying for all your own insurance. OR you can compare the cost of health benefits to the cost of health care without benefits / insurance. This second options means running some "what if" scenarios i.e. what if you broke your arm, what would you pay out of pocket. Do not assume you would pay as much as those with health insurance, because the uninsured do sometimes get some price breaks. Do assume you would pay a minnimum of $5,000 for one broken bone - usually more like $10,000. For exact figures on "dollar Value" from a purely objective standing, see an acuturarial table for health benefits or consult your employer's Human Resources materials.

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==After Four Years?== No. *Actually, you can sue just about anyone for just about anything in our society today. However, if you have worked for the company for four years knowing the company did not provide health benefits, I can not imagine how you would win your lawsuit, nor can I imagine that you would have a case to begin with. Now, if the company promised to provide health benefits and then did not, that would be a different matter. I don't know of any company that would be stupid enough to do that, though, so you must have known from the start that you had no health benefits. The best thing to do if you want health insurance through your employer is to find one who offers it.

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Can you get an STD if you and your partner were never sexually active and never had intercourse or oral sex?

What if my partner and I both lost our virginity to each other, as in neither of us were sexually active with anyone before. Is it still possible to get herpes or another std?AnswerYES!!! Oral sex can spread diseases like herpes and a few others. Go research Sexually transmitted infections (diseases) and learn how they are spread. You should always use a condom, even for oral sex.AnswerYou never had intercourse or oral sex? If you both have never had sex with anyone before, then it would be highly unlikely that either of you would have an std, so no - you wouldn't spread stds to each other. If you have had sex with someone else then you may have been at risk for stds. Once you become sexually active with your partner, any untreated std would potentially be passed on. Herpes, HPV and crabs are passed to partners by intimate contact (lying close together naked, rubbing against each other, etc.) - not intercourse - but that means one of you would need to be infected by someone else. Again if you're both virgins, I wouldn't worry about it.AnswerFirst, you should both be tested before you begin having sexual intercourse. Second, if you acquired an STD from your mother (passing on after or during pregnancy) yes you could if you started having sex. But if your still not sexually active and have never been, then

Can you get chlamydia if you and your partner have never been sexually active?

A person can get chlamydia from oral, anal, and vaginal sex; genital-genital contact; sharing sex toys; and birth to an infected woman. If none of these applies to you and your partner, you can't get chlamydia.

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