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Contact the local legal aid society or the state bar association for information on attorney's who accept pro bono custodial cases. Or try The Men's Center,

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What founding fathers were lawyers?

Which of the founding father's were lawyers?

Where can one find child custody lawyers in California?

There are a wide variety of lawyers which handle cases of child custody in California. A good resource which lists directories of these lawyers is the domain name "FamilyLawRights."

How is Child custody lawyers illegal?

Child custody lawyers are not illegal, so you've gotten bad information. You need to get in touch with a custody lawyer and have them explain the inner workings of the justice system to you.

How much money do custody lawyers earn?

Lawyers get 20 000 pound a week

How many DUI lawyers are there in Illinois?

There are many DUI lawyers that are located in Illinois. It is difficult to find the exact number in Illinois as there are at least hundreds, if not, thousands of them.

Are there any books out there that offer help or advice for fathers who are fighting for custody of their kids?

Maybe one of these will help: The Father's Emergency Guide to Divorce-Custody Battle: A Tour Through the Predatory World of Judges, Lawyers, Psychologists & Social Workers, in the Subculture of Divorceby Robert Seidenberg, et. al. Custody for Fathers : A Practical Guide Through the Combat Zone of a Brutal Custody Battleby Carleen Brennan, Michael Brennan Fathers' Rights: Hard-Hitting & Fair Advice for Every Father Involved in a Custody Dispute by Jeffery M. Leving, Kenneth A. Dachman Good luck! Also see related questions below

Does a child lawyer represent the family or child?

A child lawyer, sometimes called a guardian ad litem, will represent the best interest of the child and only the child. These types of lawyers usually come into play during child custody battles.

Where can one find attorneys in Illinois?

One can find attorneys in Illinois from the following sources: Find Law, Illinois Lawyer Finder, Illinois State Association Bar, Attorneys, Lawyers, Super Lawyers, Chicago Legal Aid.

Which one of the founding fathers was a lawyer?

Several of the founding fathers were lawyers, but the best known was John Adams.

Where can one find child custody lawyers in West Virginia?

One can find child custody lawyers in West Virginia by looking in the yellow pages of your local phone book. You may also call the local justice center for a list of lawyers in that area.

Individual who can represent others in court?


Where can one find good child custody lawyers in Florida?

Florida lawyers can be found in a variety of locations. The local newspaper classifieds, or online at thedivorcecompany, wallaceandspitz, or lawyers are great places to look.

What type of lawyers represent mesothelioma cases?

There are different kinds of lawyers that will represent someone in a mesothelioma case. However, the best type of lawyer would be one that specialized in asbestos cases.

Help are there any free lawyers in riverside California who can helf fathers in child custody cases?

A father who is struggling with a child custody case may be able to find pro bono legal help, which means a regular lawyer will handle the case at no charge. Call the California State Bar and ask them if they have any local recommendations.

Is there such a thing as child lawyers?

Child Lawyers are referred to as Child Custody Attorneys. They handle the physical and legal types of custody of children. When a family court is asked to settle or handle disputes for the child, the Court will almost always appoint an Independent lawyer for the child. These lawyers have specific training in representing Children and they are familiar with these issues.

Would I have to see a child custody lawyer rather than my regular lawyer concerning child custody issues?

"While a lawyer specializing in child custody would be great, most lawyers are qualified to handle child custody cases."

Can a lawyer represent you with your court appearance?

Yes they can, but be aware that not all lawyers will.

What are the benefits of Clayton lawyers?

Clayton Lawyers are beneficial to investors with a dispute against brokerage firms and issuers of securities. They represent those with many varying disputes and also represent employees with contractual disputes with their employer.

What has the author Frederic B Crossley written?

Frederic B. Crossley has written: 'Courts and lawyers of Illinois' -- subject(s): Courts, Judges, Lawyers

Who attends closed hearing for child custody?

The ones asking for custody and their lawyers. The child can be there too depending on their age. At a certain age the judge would like to hear what they want.

When should one use a custody lawyer?

One can use a custody lawyer for many reasons but the most prominent one is when one is fighting a case about a child. You can always go to your local court and seek information on current custody lawyers.

Who are the best child custody lawyers in Denver?

The Harris Law Firm specializes in divorce and child custody in the Denver and Ft. Collins areas. They have many experienced attorneys and are highly recommended.

Can a family law lawyer represent a minor?

Family law lawyers can represnt minors. Typical cases include child custody and access disputes, child protection proceedings, estate matters and civil litigation. The lawyer can either be court ordered or private.

Where can you hire the best child custody lawyers in New York City?

There are a wide variety of child custody lawyers in New York City. A good place to start looking for a lawyer that suits your families needs is the internet. Utimately, you should meet with the lawyer before hiring them to be certain that you are comfortable with their personality.

Changing child custody in Oregon divorce decree?

To change custody both parties will have to go back to court. If both have agreed upon whom the child should live with lawyers are not needed.