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There are no confirmed life forms on other planets. However, the possibility of life on other planets is very real. The number of stars with terrestrial planets in the Habitable Zone in our galaxy alone is immense. Given that number, up to 50 billion, multiplied by the possibility of millions of millions of galaxies makes it remarkably probable that life exists somewhere else.

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Q: Are there life forms on other planets?
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Is there other life forms on other planets?

Earth's scientist have not found life on other planets to date.

What is the likelihood that other forms of intelligent life exist in other forms on other planets?

Chicka Chicka Bang Bang

Do other planets hold life forms?

No body knows at this time.

Why is earth inhabitable and other planets are not?

well, other planets have properties such as gases which life forms or organisms can't live in or they would die.

Why are scientists who are searching for life on other planets studying Archae bateria?

Archaebacteria are the oldest and most primitive forms of life on planet Earth. It is postulated that primitive life on other planets would be most likely to resemble Archaebacteria. In addition, Archaebacteria were the first life forms to exist on Earth, so studying them allows xenobiologists to postulate how life may come into being on other planets.

Why do scientist look for water when searching for life on other planets?

This is because life as we know it cannot exist without water. We do not rule out that other planets have different forms of life. Scientists just believe this to be not likely at all.

Why are there other planets?

God made earth for us and he made the other planets for other life forms. But why are many other living beings very much more intelligent than humans?

Are there any life forms in other planets?

Probably, somewhere in the universe. However we have yet to discover proof.

What are the life forms found on other planets so far?

None have been found so far.

Is their other planets that have life on them?

NO- People have found water on other planets but there is no life there.

Are there anymore planets outside the solar system?

There are thousands and thousands of other planets outside of our solar system, along with many other galaxies, universes, and planetoids, and possibly other forms of life.

When was Life on Other Planets created?

Life on Other Planets was created in 2001-10.

Why did God create life on other planets besides earth?

Scientists say that life can be expected to have evolved on other planets, wherever the environment is not so hostile that life can not be supported. They say that in this vast universe there must be many such planets that can support life and that some are likely to support intelligent life forms even more advanced than humans. Whether we believe that our God created the life on other planets is a matter of human faith. No doubt any intelligent life on other planets will never have heard of Earth's gods.

What book is available which deals with life on other planets?

There are several books that deal with life on other planets. Some titles include Is There Life on Other Planets by Gregory Vogt, and The Mystery of Life on Other Planets by Chris Oxlade.

Who is author for the book Life on other planets?

Emanuel Swedenborg is the author of Life on Other Planets

Are their other planets that can support life?

mars can maybe support life but not any other planets.

What are the chances there is NOT life on other planets?

Space astronauts went to the planets to be sure there is no life on planets

Is it possible that some planets have life on them and suggest a reason why we are unlikely ever to visit these life forms.?

the planets containing life form other than earth may have a dangerous species, or the planet itself may be dangerous.

Why does only Earth support life?

Because on other planets we know of there is no evidence of oxygen in the atmosphere or much liquid water on the surface on any of the other planets to support life. Also it is often too cold or too hot on other planets or they are too big or too small so no life forms as we know them could live there.

Is water compulsory for all life forms?

The question "is water compulsory for all life forms"is not specific,all life forms known to man today requires some amount of the compound H2O or water for their cell structures. while this is true there may be unknown life forms existing in other celestial bodies.The significance of life on other planets is expressed by the formation of exobiology or the study of life on other bodies outside Earth.

Are alien's real and do they live on their own planet and have stuff like we do?

There are probably a billion stars in our galaxy, and probably a billion galaxies in the universe. We already know what there are planets orbiting many other stars; if there are planets around only 1% of the stars, that's still 100 billion planets. If only 1% of those planets are habitable, that's a billion habitable planets. If only 1% of those planets HAVE life, that's 10 million planets with life. If only 1% of the planets that have life have highly-developed life forms, then there are 100,000 planets with highly developed life forms. If only 1% of those planets have intelligent life, that's still 1,000 planets in the universe that have intelligent life; "aliens". We have NO IDEA if there are any other planets that have life, or intelligent life in the universe, or if those aliens - if any exist - might be willing or able to communicate with us. But I would like to think so.

What are the planets for?

there isn't actually a reason for "what are planets for" but they might be for life forms. planets are not for anything really, they just got made by gravity.

Is there life in other planets?

We cannot say if life exists on other planets or not. We are trying to work it out.Just because there is no evidence does not mean that there is no life on other planets. We are trying to work out the answer but the answer maybe, YES.

Do you think Life is possible on other planets in solar system?

On one planet manley mars there might be able to be life forms if they were very small creatures.

How did the alien idea come up?

It came about from people wondering if there was life elsewhere in the Universe, many people believe that there are life forms on other planets and others do not.