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No, in fact there are no 1876 Morgan dollars because the first year of issue of the Morgan dollar was in 1878.

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With current mintage data, 129,929,633 Morgan dollars were struck at the San Francisco Mint.

Combined with dates and mintmarks there are 18 Morgan dollars struck in the 20Th century.

20 coins or $20 face value.

That's an apples and oranges question. The terms describe very different things. "Morgan" refers to the design used on dollars minted from 1878 to 1904 and in 1921. They were designed by George Morgan. "New Orleans" refers to the mint where some dollar coins were struck during the years 1846-1860 and 1879-1904. So, to sound like one of those questions on a high-school standardized test, > Some Morgan dollars were made in New Orleans > Some dollars made in New Orleans were Morgan dollars > Many Morgan dollars were not made in New Orleans > Some dollars made in New Orleans were not Morgan dollars.

Morgan dollars weigh about 26.7 grams and they're 90% silver. Grab your calculator and go from there.

The mintage number for 1884-O Morgan dollars was 9,730,000.

There were 12,760,000 1881-S Morgan dollars minted.

The Carson-City Mint struck Morgan dollars for many years, so a date is needed.

Morgan dollars contain 412.500 Grains of silver.

Yes, there were many issues of silver dollars in the 1800s, including most of the Morgan Dollar series, along with the Seated Liberty Dollars, Trade Dollars, and the Bust Dollar.

PCGS lists the mintage at 10,710,000

1921 is by far the most common date for Morgan dollars. There were 44,690,000 in Philadelphia, 20,345,000 in Denver, and 21,695,000 in San Francisco, for a grand total of 86,730,000 Morgans that year.

Exactly one. A Morgan dollar is a specific kind of silver dollar, designed by and named for George T. Morgan and minted from 1878 to 1904 and in 1921.

4-23-11>> The spot price of silver is $46.61 per ounce, Morgan dollars each contain .77344oz of pure silver. $46.61 X .77344= $36.05 so the answer is one.

Both Morgan and Peace Dollars have the same metal content, so on damaged, or heavily worn coins, or common dates in the same condition, both would be worth the same. However, Morgan dollars are often times found in better condition and are able to be tracked through die varieties which lead to minor differences being worth some more money because many people collect Morgan dollars based on small, tiny, die varieties. Morgan dollars also have many years with low mintage, compared to the Peace Dollar with relatively high mintages for all years. So a common date Morgan and a common date Peace Dollar in the same condition would be worth the same. But there are more rarities to be found in the Morgan dollar set so it really depends on the coin.

9,730,000 Please check out the Related Link for lots more information.

The current mintage data for the 1879 Morgan including proofs is: 27,550,100 coins.

Genuine Draped Bust 1803 U.S. silver dollars run from $1,000.00 to more than $10,000.00 depending on condition. Many replicas and copies exist.

Carson City Morgan dollars were issued for many years. Each coin has its own value based upon the year it was minted and the condition of the coin.

You need to specify the degree of "fill" desired in your bucket.

There is no difference. They are the same coin but many people refer to them as "Liberty Dollars".

Three Mints struck the 1904 Morgan Dollar. Philadelphia, New Orleans and San Francisco. The Philadelphia mint also struck a small number of proof coins that makes a total of 4 different 1904 Morgan dollars.

Current Mintage Data for the 1903 Morgan dollar is:Philadelphia - 4,652,000New Orleans - 4,450,000San Francisco - 1,241,000Proof Coins - 755Total Production = 10,343,775

There are 3 feet in one yard. Therefore, 1876 feet is equal to 1876/3 = 625.3 recurring (that is, 625.3333...) yards.

There were 37 until Colorado became the 38th state on August 1, 1876.