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Yes, there is a low percentage of men (and some women) that don't have the urge to want sex and sometimes if they are older and their mate passes away or they have divorced once the children are grown people have a tendency to get on with their life and sex isn't high on their list, so they often forget what a sexual relationship use to feel like. Some men/women can't be bothered either because they've been very hurt by it, they may have been sexually abused and have problems with intimacy or they love the work they do or the life they lead and love being on their own. As men grow older (mid 40s - plus) they can sometimes have low testosterone levels, or, if they have Diabetes or have had heart surgery or even some medications they may take it can lower their libido. No, it doesn't mean a man that doesn't want sex is cheating on you. As much as people joke about it or even truly feel all men want is sex, there are a very few times in their lives they aren't thinking about it and usually when sports are on or they have a medical condition or are on medications that lower the libido. Depression can also be a cause of low libido and the SSRIs that they give to help depression can most certainly lower the libido.

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How do you get a guy to like you and dump his girlfriend for you I know that sounds mean but she is secretly cheating on him and she is one of my best friends how do I get him to like me more?

SHOW him that she is cheating. if he knows that you like him, a simple "shes cheating" wont make him understand.

If a guy is cheating on his girlfriend does he like the girl that he is cheating on with his girlfriend?

maybe, maybe not.If he spends more time with the girl he is cheating on.

What if you told your boyfriend about another guy you like and now he is worried that you are cheating?

Dump him! He's probably cheating on you! Men are all scum. Date women, you will enjoy the "pleasures" more, if you know what I mean. ;)

What does it mean when you or your girlfriend are leaving each other in a dream?

she is more than likely cheating on you..SORRY

Is he cheating if he is hiding secret texts to a girl?

Sounds more like he's texting.

How long will the sun be in hydrogen fusion?

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Was he cheating?

put more detailes I cant tell by is he cheating

Is your wife cheating she has been acting weird lately?

hi, when u say , shes acting weird...what do u mean?? like she dont want u anymore, or just stressed? cus im a girl myself, and i tend to act differenlt sumtymes, but it does not mean shes cheating!! maybe she needs more sex@!

If you get a vaginal bacterial infection does this mean your partner is cheating?

No, you just need to wash yourself down there more.

What does it mean if your boyfriend says your his faviorite shawty?

it means that he has more than one shawty. And he is possibly cheating on you.

What is cp haunter?

It is a cheating program a lot like cp trainer, but much more effective.

Why do guy get mad when you stop cheating with them?

Because they love you to do that with them. Like a boy that was cheating my bff love cheating her. so did she so she said she does not want to cheat any more. So he got mad and said " its over between us".

Which sentence is ambiguous I like him more than I like you or I like him more than you?

The sentence "I like him more than you" is ambiguous. It could mean "I like him more than I like you" or it could mean "I like him more than you like him."

Your girlfriend introduced you to her parents and acts like she is cheating?

AnswerIf your girlfriend has introduced you to her parents around the same time as it seems like shes cheating then its more likely that shes not cheating.. But If this is at 2 different times, and your sure shes cheating you should sit her down and ask her why.. she could be scared of commitment or just want to be with some one else Hope this helps

How many Cheating questions are on WikiAnswers?

There are more than 5,800 FAQ about Cheating on WikiAnswers.

How many people marry the person they are cheating with?

I did. But it was more like "test driving" before switching to a nicer vehicle.

WHen you dont like him more than a friend put it feels good to be held by him. Does that mean I like him?

no everybody has sexual urges its ok to be held or more with this person if that's what you want to do and it doesnt mean that you like him. im 14 years old XD lol randomidity

How do you get to more legandarys?

by cheating obviously

What does it mean when you dream about you boyfriend cheating on you?

It means that you think he has been distant from you lately. It could also mean that you are paranoid and have trust issues. Whichever seems more fitting to you.

What does it mean when you have a dream that your boyfriend is cheating on you?

It means that you think he has been distant from you lately. It could also mean that you are paranoid and have trust issues. Whichever seems more fitting to you.

Can a gay guy has more than one boyfriend?

Well that is kind of like asking is a girl can have more than one boyfriend. If she did people would call that cheating. So if you think that cheating is right than sure you could be if you don't than no.

Is it cheating if you constantly have dreams of your husband cheating on you?

i think you are worrying to much about your husband cheating if you are having dreams. But whatever your dreams, it is not considered cheating, i think you need to trust him more, and relax.

Is there a gentler or subtler way of letting someone know that their wife is cheating with your ex?

Stay out of it! 99% of the time when you warn someone their spouse is cheating they refuse to believe you and consider you nothing more than a trouble-maker. "Ex" mean you are no longer with that person so move on! Let this guy find out for himself that his wife is cheating with you ex and believe me, he'll find out. It sounds like you are more interested in vengeance against your ex than hurting the woman's husband or boyfriend.

Is there a way of excepting more then 100 friends on club penguin?

Yes, But it is Cheating. Cheating is Wrong.

Is cheating is a sign of respect?

No, cheating is not a sign of respect. It means the person is not interested in you any more.