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Are there men out there who do not like or want sex for 10 years or more and does this mean they are cheating?



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Yes, there is a low percentage of men (and some women) that don't have the urge to want sex and sometimes if they are older and their mate passes away or they have divorced once the children are grown people have a tendency to get on with their life and sex isn't high on their list, so they often forget what a sexual relationship use to feel like. Some men/women can't be bothered either because they've been very hurt by it, they may have been sexually abused and have problems with intimacy or they love the work they do or the life they lead and love being on their own. As men grow older (mid 40s - plus) they can sometimes have low testosterone levels, or, if they have diabetes or have had heart surgery or even some medications they may take it can lower their libido. No, it doesn't mean a man that doesn't want sex is cheating on you. As much as people joke about it or even truly feel all men want is sex, there are a very few times in their lives they aren't thinking about it and usually when sports are on or they have a medical condition or are on medications that lower the libido. Depression can also be a cause of low libido and the SSRIs that they give to help depression can most certainly lower the libido.